Guide for the Selection of Air Motors

It only takes 6 steps to establish the optimal technical data

Automation is defined by efficiency and high pressure to keep costs low. Engineers and designers in the machine and equipment building industry have many questions in regards to the layout of their machines. Selecting the particular drive system for your application is the main focus. Airmotors are uncomplicated and robust drives, which can be used in a wide variety of application areas. This guide offers extensive technical information to support you when selecting the drive type, the material, the calculation of a suitable airmotor, and its intergration in to your system.


Step by step, this guide will lead you through the application conditions that would influence on the lifespan, power and performance of your airmotor.

This guide will take the information you input and summarize it so that it can be sent to us for an inquiry.

If you prefer not to use the online guide then you can still download the complete form with all technical information right here:
Guideline for your airmotor selection (PDF)

additional information:

Technical Information: PDF Product Catalog D 6000
Guideline for PDF Downloads:Guideline for your air-motor selection (PDF)