Airmotors made from stainless steel from 20 W to 1.2 kW

  • Stainless
  • Sealed
  • ATEX-compliant
  • Compact
  • Sterilizable
  • Steam-resistant
  • Insensitive to cleaning agents

The ADVANCED LINE airmotor made from stainless steel is used in areas where high hygiene requirements are necessary. This airmotor is especially suited for the use in the food industry, medical industry, pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry, etc.

The ADVANCED LINE airmotor is fully sealed and steam-resistant. It is even possible to operate this airmotor under water (completely submerged).

All airmotors are made from stainless steel and can also be used without lubrication with only a slight power loss of approx. 15%. Because of our flexible and modular system, we can offer a multitude of variation possibilities (for example differently designed drive spindles, etc.), at a very attractive cost-benefit ratio.

For the use in agitators or mixers, which have a very stringent hygiene requirement, we can offer our airmotors with a high-torque gearing that is made from stainless steel as well.

Stainless steel airmotor with integrated planetary gear

The vane motors of the ADVANCED LINE are especially compact drives for integration into handheld devices or industrial facilities. These high quality stainless steel motors are especially suitable for the Paper and Food Industries, for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries and also for application in Medical Technology. The ADVANCED LINE airmotor is fully sealed and can be operated without lubrication.

Available in power outputs:
20 W bis 1.2 kW

PDF Product Catalog D 6400  Product details

High-torque airmotor made from stainless steel

Our high torque airmotors are stall-proof; for example the stall-torque of the motor 67X-517 is 800 Nm. This drive is especially well-suited for the use in industrial mixer and agitator facilities of the paint industry, the food industry of the pharmaceutical industry.

Available power classes:
285 W – 570 W – 860 W

PDF Product Catalog D 6400  Product details

Stainless steel airmotor with integrated holding brake

DEPRAG stainless steel airmotors with integrated holding brake are suitable for use in any application area due to their optimal size and design in which safety plays an important role. The integrated brake equipment can be controlled either via a separate control line or directly via the airmotor exhaust. If pressure drops in the line the brake is automatically activated.

The big Plus:
This innovative total package is available with ATEX-certification!

Available in power outputs:
200 W – 300 W – 1,2 kW

PDF Product Catalog D 6400  Product details

Air Motor additional information:

Technical Information: PDF Product Catalog D 6000
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