Airmotors with integrated holding brake

A cost effective total solution from DEPRAG

  • Provide an effective hold of a large mass
  • Automatic brake activity when the air pressure drops
  • Spindle is held into place without air consumption

DEPRAG airmotors with integrated holding brake are suitable for use in any application area due to their optimal size and design in which safety plays an important role.

The integrated brake equipment can be controlled either via a separate control line or directly via the airmotor exhaust. If pressure drops in the line the brake is automatically activated.

The DEPRAG ADVANCED LINE stainless steel airmotors (PDF Product Catalog D 6400) and the 1.6 kW, 2.6 kW and 3.6 kW POWER LINE (PDF Product Catalog D 6600) are available with integrated holding brake.

NEW: The world's first ATEX conform complete system, consisting of airmotor, holding brake and planetary gear can be found as a standard product in the ADVANCED LINE pneumatic motor program for 200 W, 300 W and 1.2 kW stainless steel airmotors. 

The brake is controlled via a separate control line (p > 5 bar) with integrated safety valve.

Airmotor additional information:

Technical Information:PDF Product Catalog D 6000
ADVANCED LINE Air Motors:PDF Product Catalog D 6400
POWER LINE Air Motors:PDF Product Catalog D 6600