Speed Regulator

Innovative system solution to equalize speed-fluctuations

  • Universally applicable due to the unlimited parameter setting
  • Large range for speeds up to 80,000 rpm
  • High resolutions and highly accurate control

A speed regulator is well-suited for applications such as an agitator or mixer, where a constant speed at changing load is a prerequisite for an accurate production.

The DEPRAG speed regulator consists of a sensor, which is integrated between the airmotor and gearbox. The sensor measures the current speed and transfers the digital signal to the regulator.

The regulator "knows" the required norminal value, which an easily be set at the LC-Display of the control unit. 

If there is a deviation, a special valve is actuated, which regulates the airflow for the pneumatic motor.

The control module is integrated into a DIN-rail-housing, which allows the installation into a customer's control box.

Universally applicable due to the unlimited parameter setting

This new speed regulator can be used with different applications. Some processes focus more on the regulator speed while other processes require a high accuracy of the regulator. DEPRAG speed regulator can be individually programmed for either application and is therefore universally applicable.

Large range – speeds up to 80,000 rpm

The complete product range of our pneumatic motors can be served by this speed regulator.

High resolutions and highly accurate control

Even an air-motor with a very low speed can be reliably regulated. The speed is evaluated from a full rotation to a 1/32 of a rotation and regulated to correspond with the nominal value. Even air motors with a high speed are easily controlled by the proportional valve because of the regulator's high resolution and accuracy. The output signal for the control of the valve is 0-10 V, the resolution of the regulator voltage is therefore 2,5 mV.

Speed Regulator

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