Efficient drive technology from DEPRAG

  • Oilfree operation
  • Optimum power-to-weight ratio
  • Powerful
  • Suitable for continuous operation

With our turbines we offer energy-efficient, continuous operating, high-speed drives that guarantees low air consumption with an optimal power to weight ratio.

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A gas expansion turbine for your specific application

  • Medium (type of gas)
  • Inlet/outlet pressure
  • Inlet temperature
  • Mass flow or desired power output
  • Speed, turn-direction
  • Material request
  • Mounting preference

is flow-optimal designed and calculated, constructed and individually manufactured.

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Application examples for our turbine drives:

Energy recovery application of a turbine

Our turbines generate electricity even from small amounts of process gases.
Why not recover money by reusing energy with only a small investment?

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Using a turbine for an aircraft emergency door

The pyrotechnic ignited, indirect turbine drive with reduction gearing is used for the PYROTAK emergency door system. This system offers a high power-output by a very small-sized turbine.

More details on the turbine research project PYROTAK

A two-stage curtis turbine is used for this turbine grinder. When compared to multi-stage overpressure turbines, this grinder has a simple layout and is especially cost effective. The deciding advantage for this application is the extreme low weight.

  • Power = 2.2 kW
  • Free Speed = 12.200 rpm

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Turbine grinder application

Use of a high-speed turbine in a Turbine Grinder

  • Power = 250 W
  • Free Speed = 70.000 rpm

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