Advantages and Characteristics of Airmotors

A solution when conventional drive systems stop rotating

Pneumatic motors are safe and robust drive systems, that are used when a powerful and overload-safe drive is required.

The characteristics of airmotors are shown in Waste Water Drain Renovation.

An indestructible airmotor drives the milling head of a renovation robot. This robust and small pneumatic motor performs under extreme conditions (dirt, water, etc.) while achieving high power density and reliability. If overloaded the pneumatic motor will stop and will not be damaged. When the load is removed it can run immediately again. This can occur repeatedly even in high duty cycles. The speed can be easliy changed by the air pressure and volume. The pneumatic motor operates within an extreme torque range.

Overview of the advantages of airmotors:

for use in potentially explosive environments

for the use underwater (submerged)

Acid Insensitive

for repeated use
in cleanrooms

Cleaning Agent Resistant
and suitable for food industry demands

Light Weight and Compact
only 1/5th of the mass and 1/3rd of
the size of an comparable electric motor

Vibration Insensitive

Heat Insensitive

Dust Insensitive

Overload Safe
can be loaded until standstill without damage

can be set in both rotational directions

Easy to Control
smootly controlled by altering the pressure or air quantity (throttling)