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The ideal agitator motors for optimum mixing results

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Agitator motors: High-torque drives for efficient mixing of large quantities

Agitator motors are indispensable for the efficiency and quality of mixing and agitating processes, which are a science in themselves. Agitator specialists draw on decades of application experience and extensive material tests of mixing behaviour. Whether handheld or automated agitators, the correct mixing technology is decisive for the quality and workability of the material mix. For changing tasks, handheld solutions tend to be more advisable than small automatic mixers, as soon as you also take the frequency of changing and cleaning the mix inserts into account.

In general, we differentiate between single / double spindle agitators which mix low viscosity materials well, automatic rotation mixers which are used to mix large quantities at high speed, centrally located stirrers in a revolving container or compulsory mixers where consistent quality is required.

A perfect energy-saving mixing result can only be achieved when the drive, mixer and mixing material are optimally coordinated. It is of utmost importance that a drive with sufficient power is selected. In the design phase, it is vital to consider the maximum material resistance which the drive must overcome in the application. If the mixing result is not satisfactory then it is likely that the speed of the drive is not sufficient. The diameter of the mixer and the specifications from the material manufacturer are decisive factors in determining the speed required. As a rule we can say: the larger the diameter of the mixer, the greater the power exerted.

Those looking for a small, lightweight drive source will find an ideal drive in the vane motor. The renowned air motor manufacturer DEPRAG offers an extensive program where you can find the right solution for a wide variety of applications ranging from slim micro drives made from stainless steel for use in pharmaceutical laboratories, right up to high-power high-torque motors for mixing concrete.


Diversity in the product portfolio: Air vane motors in their entire range

The BASIC LINE air vane motors are tried and tested inexpensive drives for use in unproblematic application environments. These motors are made from steel with cast iron housing. The BASIC LINE air motors are available in various power ranges from 200 W to 1200 W with speeds from <20 up to 10,500 rpm. The drives are ATEX certified and can be used in potentially explosive environments. The innovative QuickVChange vane exchange system has further advantages: There is a valuable time saving as the air motor remains assembled during vane exchange.

The ADVANCED LINE stainless steel air motors are your best option for challenging application environments. The fully sealed, non-corrosive drive sources are powerful even when working underwater. Application areas range from dusty bulk material handling plants, washing chambers, sterilisers in medical technology, the food industry in contact with cleaning agents, up to cleanroom applications in the pharmaceutical industry. The ADVANCED LINE is available from 20 to 1600 W supplying a wealth of options starting with small speeds, right up to fast runners. The sophisticated modular principle means they have an outstanding price-performance ratio. DEPRAG even has an ATEX certified stainless steel motor with integrated holding brake in their standard program. The ADVANCED LINE is suitable for use as an agitator motor in various applications. Slow flowing substances with high viscosity, such as paint and plastics need to be made more “fluid” for industrial processing. Before spraying or coating a surface, the industrial agitator mixes the mass until it achieves the required liquidity. High-powered high-torque motors drive these mixers. The system builder relies on the fast and precise power transmission of the air vane motors. The required motor power is available immediately.

In the past, if the viscosity of the mixing material in the container or quantity of material to be mixed altered, there would also be a subsequent unwelcome change to the speed. In order to achieve constant speed in the agitator, the manufacturer provides a speed regulator. The non-contact speed sensor is located directly on the agitator motor between the actual vane motor and the gear. It records the current speed at which the drive is working. The notification of this current value is in the form of a digital signal to the regulator. The regulator “knows” the required target value, which can be set conveniently on the controller LC display. The regulator now compares both values. If there is a discrepancy between the current and target value, a special valve controls the air flow for the air motor and regulates the speed. Result: The air motor works consistently within the required range.

The POWER LINE product line of high-powered foot and flange motors is distinguished by its versatility. Your advantage in comparison to electric motors: High starting torque with an unparalleled low power-to-weight ratio. This is a particular plus point when a high starting torque is needed at the start of a mixing process. The POWER LINE air motors are available in the power range from 1.6 to 18 kW.

The name says it all: The INDIVIDUAL LINE is comprised of cost-effective custom-produced individual air motors designed by the specialists at DEPRAG. The standard program is widely diverse and offers numerous versions from which individual drive solutions can be developed and created at an attractive price-performance ratio in accordance with the modular principle. Whether custom gear design (planetary, spur or worm gear), drive spindle versions or individual attachment requirements, the DEPRAG engineers make your custom drive a reality. Air motors made from innovative materials are also on offer, such as non-ferrous ceramic air motors.

There are many arguments in favour of using an air motor as your drive source. The main benefit is the high power density. Depending on design, they only need a fifth of the mass of a standard electric motor or to be a third of the size. This gives them a great advantage, particularly for installation in handheld devices.


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