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Big plus for new DEPRAG screwdriving system - Presentation at MOTEK 2019

| Screwdriving technology

All the big names in the industry are represented at the MOTEK international trade fair for automation in production and assembly at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre between the 7th and 10th of October 2019. Designers and operators will find cross-sector approaches, ranging from detailed solutions to turnkey system solutions. The unique industry platform showcases a wide range of cutting-edge solutions and the latest trends for optimisation in assembly processes.

At the exhibition stand in hall 5, DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. KG is presenting the new screwdriving system DEPRAG Plus – the future of screwdriving technology. "This is not reinventing the wheel, it is a question of highly effective fine-tuning, as a result of technological advances, which have released enormous potential," explains Daniel Guttenberger, Product Manager for DEPRAG screwdriving technology. Connectivity, user-friendliness, flexibility, efficiency and documentation capabilities: these key characteristics are decisive factors in choosing a screwdriving system. These features were all vitally significant in the development of the new generation – a platform for the digital future.

Product Manager Guttenberger continues, "Our new screwdriving system DEPRAG Plus has been designed entirely in-house, drawing on our expert knowledge of EC and EC-Servo technology and even providing improvements wherever a client requires additional features." The DEPRAG Plus screwdriving system is composed of the new sequence controller AST12 and an appropriate screwdriving tool. This can either be a handheld or a spindle screwdriver.


Modern sequence control and connectivity

From now on, the newly developed sequence controller AST12 will replace any forerunners. It provides a uniform, flexible concept for system communication interfaces and industry 4.0 interfaces. It can be controlled via standard input/output, Profibus or Industrial Ethernet (Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP). The industry 4.0 interfaces OPC UA, MQTT, REST and FTP can also be used. They are a requirement for machine-to-machine communication and smooth data exchange – the added plus of connectivity.

The screwdriving system also scores plus points with its user-friendliness. The AST Manager provides a central management user interface, where screwdriving programs can be created easily, software can be activated and general settings can be adjusted. The web-based operator interface has a responsive design and is perfectly suited to any end device.

Furthermore, with the AST Manager, screwdriving programs can be organised and program groups can be created. This allows the customer to structure screwdriving processes according to component variant or product type. Fast product changeover and simple retrieval of screwdriving programs means a considerable time saving in assembly and a reduction of idle times.

System settings and screwdriving parameters can easily be backed up or transferred to another sequence controller. A standard WLAN client can also be used to establish wireless communication between a PC and the sequence controller, for example, in the case of inaccessible sequence controllers or if space restrictions are an issue. Using the hypertext transfer protocol https, safe transfer of information is guaranteed.


Flexibility and innovation in the DEPRAG screwdriving system

The screwdriving system DEPRAG Plus ensures the highest flexibility and can be used as a central platform for both handheld and spindle screwdrivers. The system is extremely versatile in the face of changing assembly requirements. It reduces the need for and expenses of training and the AST Manager provides intuitive operator guidance. With the DEPRAG Apps, additional software solutions and updates are available at any time. A wide variety of interfaces and screwdriving procedures can be unlocked according to requirements.

Another new option is the setting of customer-specific logic functions: various assembly sequences, such as scanning, part locking, screw position monitoring can be logically linked with one another. There are five inputs and eight outputs available.

By connecting handheld or spindle screwdrivers with the controller, the DEPRAG Plus screwdriving system now also enables supply of the same torque to manual or stationary screwdrivers. "Our wide range of EC and EC-Servo screwdrivers means that there is a solution for every screwdriving task. The price structure is also appealing: despite a significantly broader spectrum of features, the price level remains aligned with the previous system – and in some cases may even be lower," declares Guttenberger.

The innovative screwdrivers are driven by a robust, brushless high power motor. Signal transmission is entirely digital via a single screwdriver cable and plug connector on the screwdriver. This is particularly suited to challenging industrial environments – keeping potential malfunctions to a minimum. The screwdriver logic has also been improved for modern, swift communication between the screwdriver and the sequence controller. It is the basis for optimal regulation and integration of new screwdriving procedures such as DEPRAG Clamp Force Control (CFC).


Optimized networking and process monitoring with the new DEPRAG Cockpit

Screwdriving system networks are greatly supported by the new DEPRAG Cockpit: the software facilitates supervision and analysis of assembly tasks and provides analysis tools for continuous process optimisation and the recognition of trends. The data from a company’s various factory locations, their production lines and connected devices are collected centrally by the DEPRAG Cockpit. Data can even be collected from production locations spread throughout the world. The DEPRAG Cockpit can be configured remotely through the “Internet of Things” and current operating data can be retrieved.

This ensures early detection of potentials and swift reaction to any variations. When screwdriving processes are optimised in a timely manner less reworking is required, production time and quality improves, and products can be safeguarded or even enhanced. Whether it is used to connect screwdriving systems or smart tools – all processes can be monitored, analysed and optimised centrally.

Visitors can marvel at the latest innovations of the connected digital factory at the MOTEK trade fair. A further attraction is the live show “The future of screwdriving technology” – at 10am and 2pm daily at the DEPRAG exhibition stand (hall 5, stand 5302). It’s well worth a visit!



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