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DEPRAG expands at the Amberg site with new company building

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At the intersection of Schlachthausstraße and Gasfabrikstraße - not far from the traffic circle - a new company building is being built for DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. KG. The expansion of 1,100 square meters at the Amberg headquarters has become necessary as the internationally successful company has grown very dynamically in recent years. Due to the far-sightedness of the management, an expansion with two independent construction phases is already being planned. The ground-breaking ceremony for the first construction phase took place on 27.07.2023 and was attended by Mayor Michael Cerny, DEPRAG majority shareholder Ingrid Schulz-Hallmann, Managing Director Dr. Erik Hallmann and Managing Partner Dr.-Ing Rolf Pfeiffer.

The ground-breaking ceremony for the extension of DEPRAG Logistik took place on 27.07. in the morning. The Lord Mayor Michael Cerny joined Ingrid Schulz-Hallmann and the management in the ground-breaking ceremony. "We are delighted that DEPRAG, as a local company, is further strengthening the Amberg location with this construction project and thus investing in the future of jobs in our city," said Mayor Michael Cerny at the event.

The construction project is based on the acquired plot of land on Schlachthausstrasse with around 3,100 square meters. The previous buildings were already demolished in March of this year. In the first construction phase, the existing logistics space will be expanded by 1,100 square meters on a partial area. "The expansion is due to the additional storage space required as a result of DEPRAG's dynamic growth over the years", says Ingrid Schulz-Hallmann. "With an investment volume of around 5 million euros, we are making an important contribution to the company's location in Amberg", emphasized Dr. Erik Hallmann. In the medium term, this will secure and expand important jobs in Amberg. The shell of the first construction phase is due to be completed this year. The construction project is scheduled for completion in 2024.

The new storage areas are equipped with a nitrogen extinguishing system that immediately and automatically extinguishes the warehouse lift system in the event of a fire. In the first construction phase, 38,000 ultra-modern storage spaces and 1,300 euro-pallet spaces will be created. These newly created logistics capacities will provide the company with the necessary basis for the next 15 years. "This puts us in a future-proof position," noted Dr. Rolf Pfeiffer.

"A particular concern for us was the harmonious structural integration into the existing surroundings," Ingrid Schulz-Hallmann explicitly emphasizes. The new building is directly adjacent to the training center, which is also new. The DEPRAG Academy was inaugurated just a few years ago. Since then, around 50 trainees have been trained simultaneously in 8 different professions in a state-of-the-art training workshop. The building complex can be reached on foot from the train station in just 5 minutes.



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