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Innovative testing technology for tank systems: DEPRAG presents test stand with E-SFM

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MAGNA relies on DEPRAG E-SFM for the testing of fuel caps

The automotive technology company Blau, subsidiary of MAGNA Energy Storage Systems GesmbH in Weiz, Austria relies on state-of-the-art solutions and not only in the mobility sector. As one of the largest suppliers of the automotive industry, MAGNA depends on, amongst others, the expertise of DEPRAG. The screwdriving and assembly specialist is trusted with the functional testing of select products. In a test laboratory, fuel caps are put through their paces. The experts at DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. KG are continually working on new developments and enhancements. For this type of project, alongside tried and tested systems, they also utilise cutting-edge products: in this case, the DEPRAG screwdriver function module with electronic stroke (E-SFM).


DEPRAG E-SFM: Precise and efficient screwdriving function modules with electric stroke

Flexibility and precision for complex screwdriving tasks

In comparison to a standard screwdriving function module (SFM), on the DEPRAG E-SFM, the pneumatic feed is replaced by an electronic drive. The E-SFM features optimum qualities to react flexibly to complex screwdriving tasks, new fasteners and changing assembly requirements. With appropriate adjustments to downforce, speed and position in the screwdriving application, cycle time is reduced and unnecessarily high stress on a component can be avoided. The costs of replacement wear parts are reduced due to the precise, gentle engagement process.

“This new E-SFM combines the flexibility of an electronic screwdriving tool with the flexibility of an electronic stroke unit, resulting in an outstanding versatile screwdriving system. This opens up new possibilities by solving technically challenging tasks for our customers”, explains Daniel Guttenberger, Product Manager for DEPRAG Screwdriving Technology.

Gentle assembly and reduced costs thanks to precise finding process

Parameter adjustment to downforce, speed and position allows for a perfectly tuned screwdriving sequence: fast run to the screw head, gentle engagement, assembly with low downforce, final tightening with high downforce, integrated depth sensor and last but not least, fast return stroke after assembly. This is made possible by the accurate positioning and power regulation of the feed unit during the screwdriving process. The E-SFM Manager provides a user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) so that parameters can be set and adjusted with accuracy. In comparison, with a pneumatic feed, pressure must be reduced via a regulator. This is imprecise and the adjustment range is limited. Another advantage of precise adjustment is gentle contact with the component. Damage to sensitive parts can be avoided, which at the same time extends the life of the bit. Another positive side effect: the need for, and thereby cost of, wear and tear parts is reduced.

Versatile application options and simple operation

The DEPRAG E-SFM is the ideal solution for a great number of screwdriving applications. It does not matter whether from above or below, horizontal or at a specific angle – all this is possible with the E-SFM without losing the fastener position. The integrated depth sensor means that the E-SFM is ideally suited for assemblies with screw-in depth control parameters – and for up to 65 different positions. As standard, there are three E-SFM versions available. Execution without automatic feeding is the right choice if the fastener is already prepositioned. The second version feeds the fastener via a hose and positioning sleeve to a precise position. Whereas, the vacuum version is particularly suitable for pick-and-place applications, and also any components with difficult to reach screw locations.

DEPRAG E-SFM and DCAM: Precise functional testing of tank caps - proven a thousand times over

The DEPRAG E-SFM is also superbly suited to sensitive testing processes. On the test benches at MAGNA, the brand new E-SFM is used in combination with the popular DCAM (DEPRAG COMPACT ASSEMBLY MODULE). In the compact assembly cell, the fuel caps undergo an endurance test. The fuel caps are assembled thousands of times on a test tank neck at a defined torque, angle and speed. The torque processes are accurately evaluated to check that the fuel cap continues to function perfectly after repeated opening and closing. During the rotary movements, the screwdriver must offset height variations defined by the fuel cap and the test tank neck, to ensure that these rotations are unhindered.


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