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Interconnected screwdriving systems – it’s easy with DEPRAG Cockpit

| Screwdriving technology

All the big names in the industry are represented at the MOTEK international trade fair for automation in production and assembly at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre between the 7th and 10th of October 2019. Designers and operators will find cross-sector approaches, ranging from detailed solutions to turnkey system solutions. The unique industry platform showcases a wide range of cutting-edge solutions and the latest trends for optimisation in assembly processes. In hall 5, at stand 5302, trade visitors can discover in-depth the latest innovations from DEPRAG.

In addition to their diverse range of components, DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. KG is presenting new highlights to support the interconnected digital factory: pioneering “Smart Tools” which can be connected to the newly developed DEPRAG Cockpit software solution. All assembly tasks can be supervised, analysed and optimised centrally.


Digital communication platform

DEPRAG Cockpit is the new digital service facilitating an easy introduction to the interconnected factory. Using the DEPRAG Cockpit, the operator retains an overview of any number of various screwdriving controllers, regardless of manufacturer. “The software collects all assembly-related production data and presents it in a structured, user-friendly manner. It has never been simpler”, explains Stefan Müller, Head of DEPRAG Software Development.

The data from a company’s various factory locations, their production lines and connected devices is collected centrally by the DEPRAG Cockpit. Data can even be collected from production locations spread throughout the world. The DEPRAG Cockpit can be configured locally through the “Internet of Things” and current operating data can be retrieved. The software enables employees to monitor production data from various assembly lines. At a glance, they can see whether production is running smoothly or if corrective action is needed.

If possible, all controllers which play a role in production should be interconnected. This ensures reliable documentation of operating data and allows for detailed analysis. The user can view and compare capacity and usage statistics and use them to recognise trends and optimise processes.


A software solution with a wide range of features

The software enables supervision and analysis of screwdriving controllers, as well as screwdriving results and provides analysis tools for continuous optimisation of processing and the recognition of production trends. Saving reference curves and intelligent algorithms means that potentials can be recognised at an early stage and users can react to changes quickly. When screwdriving processes are optimised in a timely manner less reworking is required, production time and quality improves, and products can be safeguarded or even enhanced. 

DEPRAG Cockpit provides the perfect environment for managing screwdriving processes in daily production. Individual screw assembly results (duration, angle, torque), as well as variables and tolerances of screwdriving curves, are presented in a structured view. This supervision means that critical application issues become immediately apparent. The user can specifically monitor, analyse and isolate potential causes: Is it always the same work station which is affected? Does the error only occur at certain times, e.g. during personnel or product batch changeover? Assembly problems and their necessary solutions can be recognised and actioned more quickly.

Individual screwdriving programs can be examined to assess the screw assemblies. Screwdriving curves can be layered graphically over one another. Different devices, stations or even individual working shifts can be compared to evaluate capacities. Furthermore, unsuccessful assemblies can be filtered so that faults within the assembly process are found more easily. Any error messages are clearly displayed and the tool suggests solutions and supports with rapid decision-making.


Process monitoring, documentation and notifications

Supervision parameters can be individually configured for each screwdriving program. If these deviate from the set tolerances, the user is automatically informed via email and visual display in the Cockpit. Notifications can be set separately for each user and each device.

Comprehensive process documentation is becoming increasingly important. In the DEPRAG Cockpit all parameters for individual screwdriving programs are stored and any alterations are saved. Even instruction manuals and crucial documents for devices or device groups can be stored. Any maintenance work carried out can be thoroughly documented. It is immediately identifiable which staff member completed the procedure and on what date.

Stefan Müller clarifies: “The DEPRAG Cockpit is a practical and extremely efficient development which operators can access at any time to get a clear overview of all DEPRAG controllers”.

Customers who would like to take a closer look at the features of the DEPRAG Cockpit can visit their MOTEK trade fair stall. In addition to the smart software solution, the DEPRAG Plus screwdriving system is being presented, as well as the new feeding system eacy step feed. A further attraction is the live show “The future of screwdriving technology” – at 10am and 2pm daily at the DEPRAG exhibition stand. It’s well worth a visit!


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