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MINIMAT-ED: Simply tighten and conveniently parameterize via ComCenter ED!

| Screwdriving technology

The MINIMAT®-ED and the ComCenter ED

Innovative upgrades and continuous optimisation of existing product lines are the guiding principles of the screwdriving technology specialists DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. KG. The latest developments have resulted in the flexible low-cost electric handheld screwdriver MINIMAT-ED. This stunning all-rounder can, in conjunction with the ComCenter ED, be adapted quickly and simply to suit any screw joint.

The ComCenter ED is operated via web interface and guarantees user-friendly and convenient parameterisation of the screwdriver. The base station can be connected either via Ethernet or WLAN to the network. To enable access via WLAN, the ComCenter ED can simply be set up as an Access Point on the integrated web interface. Access to settings or the creation and adjustment of screwdriving programs can therefore be carried out at any time using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

With the upgraded features of the ComCenter ED, control of the screwdriver is now possible via inputs and outputs. As soon as the I/O port is activated via the web interface, the screwdriver buttons no longer have any function, thus guaranteeing the required processing reliability. There are four inputs available for program selection, as well as outputs for status messages (OK/NOTOK/READY). There are options for program selection via a toolbox or scanner. In addition, an external start release is possible using a higher-level PLC or position control stand (PKS).


Proven functionality: flexible torque adjustment and monitoring

The familiar remains unchanged: The torque required for the screwdriving procedure can still be set as desired, when the I/O port is deactivated, or selected via a pre-defined screwdriving program – just at the touch of a button directly on the screwdriver. This allows for up to five assembly and five loosening programs to be saved and selected effortlessly (with pre-defined torque or angle values). Screwdriving then begins immediately. Once the target value has been reached, the electric handheld screwdriver shuts off reliably and precisely. LEDs indicate immediately to the operator whether the screw assembly has been successful. The shut-off torque reached is also displayed on screen.


Three variants, countless possibilities: MINIMAT®-ED adapts to your requirements

The high performance MINIMAT-ED is available in three versions for torques from 0.24 to 4.8 Nm at speeds of up to 1500 rpm. The speeds, up to the maximum speed of each screwdriver type, are individually adjustable.

The MINIMAT-ED can be used to execute complex screwdriving sequences effortlessly. If a user has a range of screw joints with varying tightening parameters, a multi-step parameterised screwdriving program can be used. The torque and angle values can be set in individual programs. The whole screwdriving sequence can be pre-set in its entirety – the operating personnel only needs to select the right screwdriving program. This can also be checked again on the digital display. As before, the user can also, of course, adjust the speeds of each screwdriving step as required.


MINIMAT®-ED for varying tightening parameters and easy checking

Daniel Guttenberger, Product Manager for DEPRAG Screwdriving Technology emphasises: “The electric handheld screwdriver is recommended for all applications, but especially for work stations with varying tightening parameters, such as reworking stations. The MINIMAT-ED with ComCenter ED is a reassuring alternative to standard screwdriving systems. The product scores highly among our clients who are drawn to its attractive price, high flexibility and simple operation”.

The screwdriver also enables supervision of tightening parameters: The operator can see all values set on the digital display and therefore does not need to check this in advance on a test station. This guarantees the best processing reliability. Furthermore, the handheld screwdriver has an impressive slim design and comfortable low tool weight. Additional familiar features also include the ergonomic handle and balancing hook. An integrated quick-change chuck makes tool exchange easy. The operating comfort of the new MINIMAT-ED covers all bases. And another plus point: ESD capability is guaranteed for use in the electronics industry.


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