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MOTEK 2019: Live presentations excite visitors

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At the MOTEK international trade fair for automation in production and assembly, DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. KG showcased their extensive expertise in the field of modern screwdriving and assembly technology. Throngs of customers from Germany and abroad, visited the DEPRAG exhibition stand to gather information about their new products.

Alongside tried and tested components, DEPRAG presented their latest highlights to support the interconnected digital factory: smart tools of the future, which can be combined with the newly developed DEPRAG Cockpit software solution.

The new DEPRAG Cockpit software was presented live several times a day in front of a large audience during a series of talks entitled “The future of screwdriving technology”.



DEPRAG specialists vividly illustrated the advantages of the software: all assembly tasks can be monitored, analysed and optimised centrally. This enables the user to recognise potentials at an early stage and react swiftly to changes. Rapid optimisation to the screwdriving process means less reworking is needed, production time improves, idle times are avoided and the quality of production can be reliably guaranteed or even increased.

To feed data into the DEPRAG Cockpit, end devices need to be equipped with appropriate communication interfaces. Communicative capability is integrated in all current DEPRAG products. Not least in the new screwdriving system DEPRAG Plus – a high performance screwdriving system with maximum flexibility and connectivity. The screwdriving system comprises of the new sequence controller AST12 and a corresponding screwdriving tool. This can either be a handheld or spindle screwdriver.

The new screwdriving function module with electronic feed (E-SFM) also provides optimal conditions. Another advantage: It can react flexibly to complex screwdriving tasks, new fasteners and varying assembly requirements. Furthermore, the E-SFM facilitates completely new ways to document processing parameters for screwdriving technology.

DEPRAG can provide the most optimal feeding technology for almost any application case. Their feeding technology product palette is perfectly rounded off with the step feeder, eacy step feed. This step feeding system is distinguished by its particularly gentling handling of feed material. Vibration is only used in the vicinity of the linear feed rails.


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