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MOTEK 2022: Product innovations in assembly technology

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The 40th MOTEK exhibition opened its doors in Stuttgart over the 4th to the 7th October 2022. Throngs of customers from Germany and abroad were greeted with a top-class programme encompassing all the hot topics from production and assembly automation.

DEPRAG, the screwdriving technology and automation specialists, also put on quite a show. Visitors were treated to a wide range of product innovations – in particular, screwdriving and automation applications in combination with robotics. The motto “#screwbotics – automation excellence by DEPRAG” underlines their expertise in this sector. Lightweight, flexible and smart products, optimally prepared for connection to lightweight robots and cobots.

The DEPRAG screwdriver function modules are amongst the most suited machines for this task. In addition to their standard versions, the collection has been expanded. The E-SFM (screwdriver function module with electronic stroke) facilitates a flexible response to complex screwdriving tasks, new fasteners and changing assembly requirements.

Furthermore, it enables completely new ways to document processing parameters for screwdriving technology. The screwdriver function module with the DEPRAG insulation concept completes the range. Equipped with special ceramic and synthetic parts, it provides protection against voltages of up to 1000 volt and is therefore ideal for the e-mobility sector, such as in battery assembly.

The revamped DEPRAG Feed Module (DFM) captivated visitors: Smaller, lighter, smarter and ready for use with lightweight robots. The DFM scores highly due to its light weight which is an advantage both in stationary and handheld screwdriving applications. The ergonomic screwdriver with automatic feeding is extremely user-friendly for the operator, ensuring fatigue-free working and easy handling.

The DEPRAG Tool Changer, a screwdriving system for complex components was another exhibition highlight. The tool changing system is a new add-on feature for all DEPRAG spindle screwdrivers. The automatic changeover of any number of screwdriving tools means that the Tool Changer provides maximum flexibility– irrespective of whether fasteners have internal or external drives. The need for only one screwdriving spindle guarantees a fast return on investment (ROI).

DEPRAG also presented their latest highlights to assist the networked Smart Factory: future-oriented smart tools, which can be combined with the DEPRAG Cockpit software solution. All assembly tasks can be monitored, analysed and optimised from one central location. The enables users to recognise potentials earlier and directly react to changes. As a result of quicker optimisation to the screwdriving process, less reworking is required, production time improves, downtimes are avoided and the quality of production and products can be guaranteed or even increased.

In order to provide the DEPRAG Cockpit with data, end devices need to have appropriate communication interfaces. Communication capability is integrated in all current DEPRAG products. Not least the new screwdriving system DEPRAG Plus – a high-powered screwdriving system with maximum flexibility and connectivity. The screwdriving system consists of the new sequence controller AST12 and the corresponding screwdriving tool, whether handheld or stationary screwdriver.

Visitors were also impressed by the myDEPRAG customer portal. The portal provides registered users with the complete DEPRAG range of product groups, screwdriving technology and air motors with CAD data, operating instruction manuals and technical information, including software updates and upgrades.


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