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myDEPRAG customer portal: Digital access to DEPRAG services

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After-sales service is decisive for B2B customer satisfaction

With their digital customer portal myDEPRAG, the industrial company DEPRAG is now able to provide for the B2B sector, that which is already customary for the B2C sector: the optimal customer experience. This is what has driven the DEPRAG project team in the development of their customer portal. Despite significantly more complex process chains, it is necessary to establish standards which are of a great benefit to the user.

Whilst a B2C buyer may wish to be inspired on their customer journey, complex investment products, such as assembly systems which are designed according to very specific customer requirements, involve intensive consultation and the client requires extensive advisory sessions, as well as a great deal of information relating to purchase decision-making from experts.

Furthermore, the buyer journey does not end there with the sale of the machine. In B2B, the subsequent follow-on service relating to the machine is of enormous importance. There is the question of replacement parts, maintenance intervals and technical information specific to that machine. When a B2B buyer uses a customer portal for after-sales service, they usually know what they are looking for. Therefore, they prize efficiency: Quick and simple access to product details and all information relevant to their version of the machine, or an easy option to repurchase the same product.


Functions and advantages of the myDEPRAG customer portal

The DEPRAG project team had these customer requirements firmly in their sights whilst developing the online platform. Registered customers are able to clearly organise their purchased products in the so-called Installed Base, where the current version of their machines can be viewed and any replacement parts or services can be ordered directly. This also shows in real time whether spare parts are in stock and available to deliver.

Registered customers can access the whole range at any time of day, from any location. Allowing round-the clock access to detailed product information and customer-specific pricing details, CAD data, instruction manuals and other technical data.

Furthermore, the customer portal can be used to order and activate a wide range of software solutions such as DEPRAG Cockpit, DEPRAG Graph Viewer, DEPRAG Data eXchange, DEPRAG Operator Guidance, Software for process visualisation, security and change tracking, as well as TIA Link, TwinCAT Link and much, much more. The user can also apply for licences for screwdriving procedures, such as DEPRAG Clamp Force Control or the friction dependent procedure, directly and simply through the myDEPRAG customer portal. After purchasing what is required, this can be activated and used straight away in full.

The range of services also includes the software update service. In the portal, the most up-to-date software version is available. The user can therefore be sure that their device is always optimally prepared for the industry 4.0 environment and security is up-to-the-minute.

On the machine detail page, registered users are able to log, amongst other things, maintenance and calibration appointments for their machines. A traffic light system is used as a reminder so that no appointment is ever missed. A lamp clearly highlights the upcoming dates next to the machine in the Installed Base. If this is green, there is time until the next due date for maintenance. If the display turns amber, the user is sent an email reminder that a due date is close. If it changes to red, the user receives another email advising that the appointment date has passed.

The DEPRAG iSERVE app can also be used through the customer portal: An application for independent adjustment of screwdriving programmes for an unlimited number of screwdriving sequence controllers. With this app, screwdriving programs can be created, adjusted, converted and managed – the controller does not need to be physically there. In other words, the user is not tied to the location of the devices and only needs internet access to be able to program them. Using data exchange, the alterations are swiftly transferred to the DEPRAG sequence controllers.

Let’s focus on the user-friendliness of myDEPRAG – the portal is self-explanatory: “With the support of our pilot customers we have been able to tailor the new portal precisely to the needs of the user. After concluding the pilot phase, the portal is now available for all customers in Germany and Austria”, reports Kurt Wagner, the myDEPRAG customer portal Project Manager.

The online platform is now available for all of the company’s customers in Austria and Germany. The new DEPRAG customer portal is the central point of contact for customers, interested parties and partners.


DEPRAG as a partner for digital screwdriving assembly

The myDEPRAG customer portal is part of the company’s digitalisation strategy. Alongside the digitalisation of their own sales process, the company also offers a comprehensive product spectrum for networked digital screwdriving assembly.

“We are thereby able to target support for our clients to meet their needs for their own digital transformation and drive forward digital innovations together”, reports Screwdriving Technology Product Manager Daniel Guttenberger with pride. All essential modules for assembly automation, such as screwdrivers, feeders, controller and process monitoring are available from DEPRAG’s standard range, and therefore from one single source!

The networking of the screwdriving system is of course supported by the new DEPRAG Cockpit: The software enables supervision and analysis of assembly tasks and provides analysis tools for continuous process optimisation and the detection of trends. The data from devices connected in production lines over several company sites are collected centrally in the DEPRAG Cockpit. This even includes production systems dispersed throughout the world. The DEPRAG Cockpit can be decentrally configured through the “Internet of Things” and up-to-date production data can be accessed.

This allows the user to detect any potentials early on and therefore react quickly to changes. Due to the fast optimisation of screwdriving processes, less reworking is required, production times are improved and product quality can be guaranteed or even heightened. Whether connecting screwdriving systems or smart tools, all processes can be monitored, analysed and optimised centrally.

The DEPRAG Cockpit Basic is an integrated component of the new screwdriving system DEPRAG Plus, which comprises a screwdriving sequence controller AST12 and a corresponding handheld or spindle screwdriver.

The innovative feeder eacy feed also provides the ideal specifications for sustainable production of the future: eacy feed has communication features and is fully implementable for Industry 4.0. With an energy saving of approx. 80 %, eacy feed is also incredibly energy efficient.


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