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Assembly of a touch-screen for an automotive onboard computer

Required Process:

Semiautomatic manual workstation for the assembly of 9 products

Cycle time:
only 5.5 seconds including all surveillances and the process analysis


The semiautomatic manual workstation with scanner recognition of housing and PC-board is suitable for two different product varieties and is easily expandable for more.

Integrated Process Reliability This system is connected with a host PLC via Ethernet module. Through a scanner recognition, the correct serial number identification of each product with the corresponding part fixture is possible. Error messages are immediately transferred to the data management system and have to be acknowledged by the operator manually on the touch panel. On the next workstation, where the part-fixture has to be scanned again, the process reliable display shows whether this is a faulty part.

Station 1: Manual Loading
9 parts are manually scanned and loaded by the operator into the part fixture, which after insertion into the rotary index table is locked by a spring-catch.

Station 2:Press-Insertion Presence- and positioning control
Press-insertion of the preloaded parts

Station 3: Screwdriving Turning of the press-inserted parts
Feeding of the safety-nut using a feedhose and vacuum handling system
Presence control for the nut and positioning verification
Tightening of the safety nut to torque

Station 1: Unloaded and reloading with new parts