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Assembly of heat-shields in the engine area

Required Process:

Rotary index table with

  • automatic feeding and placement of sleeves and washers
  • press-insertion on the part
  • sorting-out of faulty parts
  • automatic transport of finished parts over a conveyor

Station 1: Manual Loading

  • Two sleeves are manually loaded into the part fixture (two different diameters can be processed)
  • A sensor verifies that the parts are there and that the correct parts (by diameter testing) are loaded (startup condition).
  • Place part over the sleeves
  • A sensor verifies that the parts are there and positioned at the correct depth (startup condition)
  • 2-Hand Start by OPTO Touch button

Station 2: Automatic feeding and positioning of the washers

  • Feeding of the washers (two different varieties) via vibratory bowl
  • Positioning by vacuum handling system
  • Depth control and vacuum control

Station 3: Press-Insertion

  • Press Insertion (crimping) of the sleeve and washer to the center part, using a hydraulic power-package (process monitoring with oil-pressure switch for force-control)
  • Rotary table support for the press-insertion procedure
  • Good parts are marked with a center punch (faulty parts are not marked)


Station 4: Unload-Station

  • Test Station:
    Sleeves having a too short a collar because they were not correctly crimped in Station 3, remain in the part fixture.
  • Faulty part removal
  • Correct assembled parts are stacked on the conveyor
  • Conveyor transport is sensor controlled