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Assembly system for fuseboxes


Required Process:

Semiautomatic manual workstation for the assembly of fuse-housings (two components) on 3 screw locations

The workstation is based on a DCAM - (D)EPRAG COMPACT ASSEMBLY MODULE) that is equipped with a 3-Spindle screwdriver function module with automatic screwfeeding and integrated part presence verification.

The Operator loads both components into the part fixture and manually turns the rotary index table by 180-degrees.

After the automatic lock-down of the part-fixture and while the screwdriver function module (SFM) assembles the screws, the Operator loads new components into the front part fixture at Station 1.

The index table is automatically released after the screws are correctly assembled. The Operator turns the index table, unloads the completed part and reloads new parts.