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Automatic Assembly of fan motors and bellows

Required Process:

Conveyor integrated, automatic assembly of fan-motors with bellows Part- and variety recognition (7 different Part Fixtures)
For the vertical assembly from below (underfloor), two freely programmable Screwdriver Function Modules in underfloor execution were integrated.

The feeding of 3 screws occurs fully-automatic by two Vibratory Feeder (1 x single- and 1 x dual-feeders). Two belt driven hoppers with a capacity of 10-liters each assure the optimum parts storage.

A data block on the pallet documents every assembly step.

This conveyor integrated assembly machine achieves a total cycle time of low-cost solution.

Assembly Sequence:

  • Two pallets, preloaded with motor and bellow, are positioned using a conveyor integrated lift/locate system.
  • Each individual motor variety is verified by the RFID-reader, installed on the part pallet.
  • A pneumatic down-holder secures and locks the product from the top.
    Simultaneously, the screws are being fed. A screw-presence control used ring-proximity switches.
  • The assembly from underfloor is done by two independent SFM [Screwdriver Function Modules] with integrated torque- and angle control.