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Manual workstation for the assembly of automotive interior doorkeepers


Required Process:

Flexible manual workstation for the assembly of different interior doorkeepers, where individual screw locations need to be accessed using different angles and recesses. The base frame of the work station with 3D-part fixture can flexible be adapted to different products, because the part fixture is designed to swivel along its horizontal axis by 300-degrees. This feature allows the effortless access of all screw locations by the operator.

New standard software was designed for the system assures process reliability of a manual workstation by the use of a MINIMAT-F screwdriving system that consists of the handheld screwdriver Model 347F-428, a function control fc10 and the corresponding pneumatic control pc10.
Even complex assembly processes can be supervised by using programmable sequences. The screwdriving sontroller is programmed for various parts, which need to be assembled using different number of screws. Only after all screws were completely assembled and the assembly had no errors (O.K.), then the part fixture will automatically unlock the part and it may be unloaded. .

The operational process is controlled using the DEPRAG LC-Controller AST30-31 - Controller reference equipment.

A DEPRAG screw presenter SG1211-ES/45 presents the screws for an automatic pickup by the handheld screwdriver.