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Press-Insertion Station for cylinder head covers with captive screws


Required Process:

Assembly Station designed for the feeding and press-insertion of safety-screws (screw-sleeve combination) into an automotive cylinder-head cover.

Complete cycle time is 25 seconds (including time needed for loading of parts by the operator).

Assembly Step 1:
Loading of the cylinder head cover into the part fixture and the fully-automatic feeding of 13 screws. Screw-presence verified by ring proximity switches. The operator slides the sliding part fixture into the machine.

Assembly Step 2:
The screws are presented through vacuum suction. 13 screws are individually picked by the vacuum suction and a pressure sensor verifies the pickup process. The 13 press-insertion modules can be individually moved and positioned to assure the correct depth of each individual screw Assembly Step 3:
Press-insertion of the screw-sleeve combinations with the control depth of each individual screw by using a cylinder limit switch. Assembly Step 4:
If the cylinder head cover is assembled correctly, the sliding part fixture automatically retracts.
A faulty assembly has to be acknowledged by the operator. Only then may the part be removed.