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Assembly of an automotive multimedia console, supplied to an automotive subsupplier.


Required Process:

Semiautomatic manual workstation for the assembly of a multimedia operating unit with automatic screwfeeding. The multimedia operating unit requires 18 screws.

The 2-position rotary index table is used to load- or unload two parts into the screwdriving machine.

Station 1: Manual Loading of the pre-assembled multimedia operating unit

Station 2: Screwdriving

Detailed Cycle Description:

One XYZ-axis system moves to the screw-locations on the product, which is locked into place by a down-holder. In the screwdriver function module SFM-N is equipped with a MINIMAT® air-operated Screwdriver Model No. 347-218-31.

The screws are automatically fed by a Vibratory Feeder. Sensors control the screw-depth, the torque and the screwdriving-time.

If an assembly has an error, then the type of error is indicated (position matched) on the screw-arrangement of the add-on display. This add-on display clearly shows the operator where the error occurred.

During the actual screw-assembly, the already completed part can be unloaded and a new part be loaded.

Consequently, the cycle time of the operator is independent from the machine cycle time. The total processing time of the unit is less than 40 seconds.