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Assembly unit for automatic window closing system


Required process:


Semiautomatic machine for the assembly of a throttle valve for the innovative window closing system WINFLIP®.

Assembly machine with rotary assembly table consisting of six stations.

All relevant machine parts are based on the decade-long tried and tested DEPRAG standard components.

Helmut Katherl, GM of WIN Products GmbH:
"DEPRAG has executed impressive and professional work."

Cycle description:

Station 1:
Manual loading of the parts with automatic positioning and presence control

Station 2:
Feeding and Press-Insertion of the component X-Ring

Station 3:
Feeding and Press-Insertion of the threaded insert with subsequent depth control

Station 4:
Feeding of the component O-Ring, insertion of O-Ring by gripper and subsequent depth control

Station 5:
Feeding and assembly of the valve screw MICROMAT®-EC Screwdriver and with subsequent depth control The process is controlled by the AST10 screwdriving controller.

Station 6:
Part removal of good parts Faulty parts are transferred to Station 1 and are removed by the Operator.

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