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Assembly of over-plaster modules

Required Process:

Standalone assembly machine with a 2-spindle screwdriving system for 16 different product varieties of over-plaster modules for electrical connections, as well as telephone and data-communication sockets, control boxes for intelligent household technology, light switches and dimmers.

The assembly cell combines an utmost level of efficiency and flexibility with the highest processing reliability.

Each assembly can be selected whether a single or double component should be processed to either torque or depth.

DEPRAG pneumatic screwdrivers from the MINIMAT®. When the self-tapping screws are to be assembled to a specific depth then the supply air for right rotation is disabled when the predetermined depth is reached. At the same time a short impulse for left rotation is engaged so that the screwdriver stops immediately.
If the torque is required then the highly precise DEPRAG MINIMAT® shutoff clutch - immediately disengages when the preset torque has been achieved.

The feeding of the screws occurs through a DEPRAG Vibratory Feeder.

For each and every screw assembly sequence the quality parameters such as, screw presence, screw depth and torque (highly-accurate mechanical clutch disengagement) are monitored and evaluated.

“The DEPRAG screwdriving system saves NIKO 40 % in production costs, declares Pierre Rottiers, leading engineer at NIKO.