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Assembly of food processor housing components

Required Process:

Automated assembly system for screw assembly of food processor housing components.

Step 1:
Automatic feeding of pre-assembled component via transport belt.

Step 2:
The component is positioned and fixed in place using a down holder and counter holder. These are equipped with flexible spring pins.

Step 3:
In station 1 the housing lower part is screwed to the inner part from underneath. At the same time another MINIMAT EC screwdriver assembles three screws from behind to join the handle and the electronic bracket to the housing.

Step 4:
AST11 screwdriving sequence controllers are used for process monitoring. If an error occurs then the rejected component is automatically sent to the repair work station.

Step 5:
After each successful assembly the next screw is shot in by the vibratory spiral bowl (with hopper).

Step 6:
In station 2 the next check on the assembly status takes place.

Step 7:
The component is also held in place and positioned correctly using down holder and counter holder at this station.

Step 8:
Two symmetrically designed XYZ screwdriving units each with a customised screwdriving function module carry out assembly simultaneously at an angle of 45 degrees to the component.

Step 9:
AST11 controllers check and analyse the screw assembly procedure.

Step 10:
Screws are fed in via the two-fold vibratory spiral bowl with hopper.

Step 11:
A 90° rotary unit is used to send rejected components to the repair work station. Here the operator decides whether repair is possible or the component is removed and scrapped. Manual screw assembly repairs are checked by integrated sensors: If repair has not been successful the system will not approve the part for further processing.

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