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Assembly of vacuum cleaner housing

Required Process:

Automatic assembly and test-unit for vacuum cleaner housings

Assembly of upper- and lower cover of a vacuum cleaner as well as differently integrated controls to increase process reliability.

The automatic production process includes a repair work station, which is integrated in the system. There the operator decides if reworking is possible or if the part is completely rejected.

Manual retightening is checked by integrated sensors: without the reworking step the system does not release the rejected part for subsequent processes. VORWERK also chose an assembly system from DEPRAG for the assembly of the telescopic handle.

Step 1:
The pre-assembled module (upper and lower shell) is automatically transported on a conveyor to the assembly unit.

Step 2:
After the start signal is received from the conveyor communication, the lifter takes the part, which is now held horizontally by two slides, from the conveyor.

Step 3:
Positioning control and air tightness testing of the bellow (vacuum test). If the bellows are not air tight, the objectionable module is automatically discharged and is transported to the repair work station, which is integrated in the system.

Step 4:
Presence control of the cable hook

Step 5:
Turning of the switch, which will subsequently control the vacuum power of the unit, anticlockwise to position 3. This step is handled by a Screwdriver Function Module in underfloor execution, which is equipped with a MINIMAT-C Screwdriver Spindle. The Screwdriver automatically switches off when the torque of 1 Nm has been reached. Faulty parts are directed to the repair station.

Step 6:
During the test of the switch position, nine inline MINIMAT-C screwdriver spindles, type 347C-528-31, simultaneously assemble two different screw types to torque. Checking of the correct torque is done by the integrated strain gauge transducer. Dual depth probing, provided for every DEPRAG screwdriver spindle, offers additional process reliability. Faulty parts are directed to the repair station.

Step 7:
The correctly assembled housing is released and transported out of the system while at the same time the next 9 screws are automatically fed by the VibratoryFeeder.

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