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Assembly of anti-vibration grips

Required process:

One Single-Spindle Assembly Unit (Vacuum Dip Procedure) designed into a rotary index table with four (4) positions for the assembly of Anti-Vibration Grips

The assembly includes the automatic control of the screw-depth.

Processing two different thread-sizes (M10 and M14).

Cycle description:

Station 1:
Manual Loading of Grips

Station 2:
Driving Screws into the Grips to a torque of 10 Nm and a clearly defined depth.
The screw-head has to have a 3-mm standoff from the lower edge of the grip. This facilitates the required spring-action of the grip.

Station 3:
Marking of parts having assembly errors

Station 4:
Faulty Part Sorting & Auto-Unload of good parts to the conveyor system by grippers.

Station 5: Sensors signal the release of the station and the assembly of the next part.