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Assembly of pump cover


Required process:

Simultaneous, automatic and inverted tightening of 4 screws into a motor- and pump housing – in 14 different pump varieties.

To avoid of the screw-connection of the parts, the assembly is done by a 2-step tightening processes: The 1st tightening process assembles the screws to a torque of 2.5 Nm [22.1 in.lbs.] the second tightening process assembles the screws to a final torque of 6.5 Nm [57.5 in.lbs.] The assembly process is additionally verified by an integrated depth-control.

The system integrates MINIMAT-EC-servo screwdriver Model 310E36-018 with a AST30-31 sequence controller.

The operator loads the pump housing into the part fixture, loads the cover over the pump housing and selects the appropriate screwdriving pump for the current pump-type and starts the process over an OPTO-Touch Button.

Using a lift-locate station, the pump is moved under the screwdriving station and the horizontal clamping cylinder locates and locks the pump into position.

The complete screwdriving process for each part, is controlled by AST30-31 – controller.