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Assembly of water meter

Required process:

Semiautomatic assembly station for the tightening and pressing of water meter (2 different models with 3 different varieties each) - conveyor integrated.

Total cycle time for this assembly station is 15 seconds per part.

The assembly cell is based on our modular system, the DCAM (DEPRAG COMPACT ASSEMBLY MODULE) that is equipped with a vertical SFM - Screwdriver Function Module and has a DEPRAG EC-servo-screwdriving equipment installed.

The automatic feeding of the screws is handled by a DEPRAG vibratory feeder with an integrated storage device belt-driven Hopper B10.

Cycle description:

Station 1:

Manual Loading of Components (housing, interior seal and cover) into the meter housing

Station 2:

Automatic Test Station Verify the part in regards do model, variety and positioning.
If the sensor reports a wrong part or a different variety, then the pallet is directed through the complete unit back to the Operator on Station 1

Station 3:

Centering pins aligns the water-meter cover.

Station 4:

Fastening of cover. The pallet is lifted by a press-cylinder to a stop and the parts are compressed.

Station 5:

If the assembly is O.K., the completed part is placed directly onto the conveyor for additional processing. If the assembly is NOT O.K., the handling station moves the incorrectly assembled part onto an exit chute, so that the Operator can disassemble the part and reprocess the components.