Core Program Innovations

  • Flexible and process reliable
  • Innovative standardized assembly modules
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • High degree of reusability

For the development of your assembly system, we fall back to the standard components in our product line, which have proven themselves and are continuously developed further.

You profit through the individual design of your assembly system three-fold:

All modules are part of the DEPRAG standard product and are available by a single source!
Screwdriver, feeder, controller and processing control are adapted to system components that have been tested and proven for many years.

Besides the high level of innovation and our experience in the screwdriving technology, feeding and assembly technology, we can offer all that at an attractive price-performance ratio.

Spare parts for the standard components integrated into your assembly machine, have a short delivery time. A fast reaction time for service calls and the comprehensive experience of our service technicians is guaranteed.

DEPRAG – Your One Stop Shop that assumes the responsibility for the entire system!