System and processing controllers reach the highest industry level

  • Integrated standard software guarantees the highest functionality
  • Simple and realiable operation
  • Service friendly remote maintenance
  • Great value for money - optimal adaptation to DEPRAG screwdriving technology
  • Open connectivity and integrated network capabilities
  • Conforms to current safety standards
  • Realtime data integration

Using innovative standard software for a better functionality.

Control system DCOS demonstrates the diversity of the PC world

Integrated networkability, unproblematic connection to SCADA and MES systems,  optimal data administration and storage, and access to common PC applications  such as browsers, data backup and remote access present practically infinite  possibilities.


The DPU series controllers are based on an industrial PC. The compact controllers DPU010 run on the Windows CE operating system whereas the DPU110 and the DPU210 uses Windows 10.
The DPUs control complex motion sequences with extremely short cycle times (typically < 6 ms). A colour touch screen with VGA resolution (except on the DPU010) enables high level user comfort in the operation and display of operating conditions. Two USB ports allow the user to connect additional peripheral devies with ease. The DPU can access the company network or world wide web via the freely accessible Ethernet port.

  • DPU010 and DPU010C
    The DPU010 is the smallest contoller in the DPU series. The controller was developed with 16 digital inputs and outputs each in order to meet the requirements of small screwdriving tasks where visualisation is not required.
    The DPU010C offers the option of communication with a higher level controller via one of the available communication modules such as EtherCat, Profinet, Profibus, CANopen,... Using this method components, such as a screwdriving function module, can be programmed easily and controlled via the selected communication  module. The DPU010(C) doesn't need a DSEC control cabinet.
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  • DPU110
    The high performance controller can guide axis systems with up to three axes. Complex manual work stations with operator guidance, sequence and screw position visualisation as well as fully automatic machines with several part stations such as rotary indexing machines with up to 4 user stations can be realised.
    This controller adds the option of connecting a database such as a BDE or ERP system. The DPU110 can be used in combination with all standard DSEC control cabinets.
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  • DPU210
    The DPU210 is the most efficient controller of the DPU series. The controller has a 15" display with XGA resolution (1024x768 pixels) for improved image visualisation.
    It can control complex fully automatic machines such as axis systems with more than three axes. It offers unproblematic connection to databases such as BDE or ERP systems. There are various interfaces and protocols available e.g. OPC, OPC-UA or TCP/IP. The DPU210 can also be used in conjunction with all DSEC control cabinets.
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  • DPUI210
    The DPUI210 provides the same capabilities as the DPU210. It has been developed for integration into control cabinets and does not include an HMI. It is suitable for high-performing systems without a control panel, e.g.ADAPTIVE DFS.
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If you cannot find a suitable controller for your requirements in our standard range we can also modify our controllers to meet your needs.

DPUv – external process visualisation display

- Display of process data and process sequences
- Suitable for DEPRAG screwdriving controller or for position control stand
- Capacitive 10-point multi-touch screen
- Options to use pen, hand or glove
- Full HD
- 3 different display sizes (10“, 15“, 22“)
- Aluminium housing
- Network capability (Gigabit Ethernet)
- Operating system: Linux

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As well as the DPU a control cabinet such as DSEC10, DSEC20, DSEC30 or DSEC40 is used, depending on the control task. These each contain 32 digital inputs and outputs which are connected to the DPU via the modern Ethercat field bus.
A 24V DC voltage supply is already integrated in the DSEC to supply the control components (DPU, sensors and actuators etc.). To meet the safety function requirements the DSEC10 and DSEC20 both include two inbuilt safety relais.

Both control cabinets DSEC30 and DSEC40 are equipped with freely programmable compact safety controllers enabling highly complex safety functions.

  • DSEC10
    The DSEC20 can be used anywhere it is necessary to carry out small control tasks including visualisation. This includes manual work stations with or without position control, automatic stations or semi-automatic machines with pneumatic actuators.
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  • DSEC20
    More complex manual work stations, screwdriving or assembly cells call for the use of the DSEC20. Unlike the DSEC10, this control cabinet includes an additionally integrated profibus master module for unproblematic connection of additional fieldbus subscribers, a second safety relay for safety door monitoring and a separate main swith to enable the complete station to be disconnected easily from the network. Single phase devices can be supplied with voltage through the central input feed and controlled through the DSEC20. Due to the larger 24V power supply with 10A output electricity and the bus module, the DSEC20 can control a larger number of outputs in comparison with the DSEC10.
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  • DSEC30
    The DSEC30 is the right solution for screwdriving and assembly automation systems with higher performance and safety requirements. The design with three phase alternating current input allows the connection of alternating current drives used for example on rotary indexing tables and belt drives. The integrated compact safety controller realises the highest safety level PL e if required. The software technical assignment of the safety components offers a high degree of flexibility when interconnecting the individual safety functions at a top level.
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  • DSEC40
    The DSEC40 can additionally control up to three NC axes. As standard step motors and the corresponding power units can be used to carry out precise positioning tasks. Upon request applications with servo or linear motors are also an option. Screwdriving or assembly automation machines with axis systems compose the application areas of DSEC40.
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Standard Software

DCOS is particularly attractive due to its innovative software packages!
The use of tried and tested standard components reconfirms their functionality. This facilitates greater processing reliability for the operator.

The software is available in five different packages:

Software packages with various scopes of performance have been developed for DCOS. Despite standardisation the software can also be quickly and simply adapted to meet customer specific requirements.


DCOS Process and Machine Control

 Technical Information:
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