DEPRAG Compliance

The trust and confidence placed in DEPRAG by business partners and staff, but also by politicians and the general public, is essential.  The reputation of our company, being subject to public law, takes top priority, and must be retained and protected.  Conduct compliant with the law and our code of ethics forms the basis for our ecological and economic activity.  By means of our Compliance Programme, we have instituted measures which will enable all staff to adhere to our rules and regulations, and live up to our values.  We expect our staff and business partners to conduct themselves in a responsible and reliable manner.  Binding regulations, guidelines and contracts must be adhered to. Violations thereof will not be tolerated.

Each and every member of staff is responsible in his or her own way for ensuring that activities at DEPRAG are carried out in accordance with legal stipulations, internal regulations and Compliance Rules. 

For DEPRAG, it is an important aim that all members of staff, without exception, comply with the complete set of legal regulations and internal company guidelines. Should an individual member of staff have any doubt about whether a particular type of conduct is admissible or not, DEPRAG will provide a Compliance Hotline, which will not only enable members of staff to get advice as required, but also function as the point to which violations of legal requirements or company guidelines can be reported.  

Any information will be handled confidentially and can be sent in using the attached form: