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Digital signature

What a digital signature is NOT

A human-made signature that is scanned and inserted into a document is not a digital signature. This method cannot reliably prevent manipulation of the data. Anyone could put any signature on any new document.


What is a digital signature?

Digital signatures comply with international security standards and offer the possibilities to reliably authenticate the signer of a document. This means that the person who has put a digital signature in a document is actually the person he claims to be. A digital signature is not visible on the printout of the document.


The digital signature at DEPRAG

For several years now, for example, adjustment protocols have been digitally signed at DEPRAG. This provides the customer with the guarantee that this document has actually been issued by DEPRAG. The digital signature is confirmed by a root certificate issued by DEPRAG.


The DEPRAG-caroot certificate

In order to check a pdf document for authenticity, the digital certificate must be checked. The check can only be completed successfully if your computer can check the certificate against the DEPRAG root certificate. This means that the root certificate must have been downloaded once by you from a DEPRAG server and installed on the computer.


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