Bachelor's Thesis & Master's Thesis

Bachelor's Thesis & Master's Thesis

Are you in the process of finishing with your studies and you want to work on your thesis; are you looking for an interesting and exciting theme?
Do you want your efforts to count and do you want to apply those efforts to actuality?

DEPRAG, an international market leader of screwdriving technology, automation, air motors and industrial power tools offers a variety of possibilities and interesting themes, both in the technical- and commercial area.

Requirements, that an interesting party needs to have:

  • Enjoyment when working independently
  • Inquisitive and motivated
  • Good study results
  • Good foreign language knowledge
  • Computer efficiency (MS Office, Internet)
  • Contactability and teamwork

For which study areas does DEPRAG offer thesis access?

  • Machine Building
  • Mechatronics
  • Electronical Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Business Information Systems
  • International Management
  • Business Administration
  • Digital Technology and Management

Which departments are available for your thesis work?

    • Design
    • Development
    • Marketing
    • Product Management
    • Production
    • Sales

    How do I find a suitable topic?

    Predefinded topics can be found here. But you are also welcome to contact us to specify a topic for your thesis together.

    Where would you be doing your work?

    We offer some very flexible solutions for that. You will work independently: this means there are no binding times of attendance. During some phases of the work, for example when extensive research is required, this will have to be done outside of our company, in places such as the library. If you have to write for a longer time or have to work on an analysis, we recommend you do this work either at home or at the university. If however you need the help of our team, then there is always a workspace reserved for you. You can decide for yourself what work method makes more sense for your thesis.

    Become also a part of DEPRAG!

    We gladly accept your complete resume, preferably via email to or via mail addressed to

    Human Resources
    Carl-Schulz-Platz 1
    92224 Amberg