Screwdriving Technology
Minimise downtime and save costs the easy way
New service feature: On-site calibration

Air Tools
Turbine drive technology saves energy and gives high output power
Turbine powers innovative angle-grinder

Food processors must be ever more versatile
The new Thermomix enabling digital cookery!

Screwdriving Technology
The electrically driven alternative to a stationary pneumatic screwdriver
The new MINIMAT-E with mechanical shut-off clutch

Screwdriving Technology
Complex and multi-stage screwdriving sequences complete the broad range of features
The new and improved MINIMAT-ED!

Guidance and software now integrated in the base stand
The DEPRAG position control stand provides maximum processing reliability

Green Energy
DEPRAG explains waste heat recovery using an ORC mini power generator 
Power generated by industrial waste heat

Air Motors
Ensuring safe processing of foodstuffs
Stainless steel air motors designed for the highest quality requirements

Air Motors
Patented vane exchange system reduces maintenance time
BASIC LINE Air Motor – The service friendly drive solution

Screwdriving Technology
Assembly concept for top processing reliability
Mastering safety concerns in screwdriving processes

Screwdriving Technology
DEPRAG screwdriving technology for low torque applications
Low-torque screwdriver – Assembly and miniaturisation go hand in hand