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Training DEPRAG Cockpit - Administration and application

The training "DEPRAG Cockpit - Administration and application" provides you with additional information and knowledge regarding the operation, application and possible uses of your DEPRAG Cockpit.


Order number774015

Aim of the training

Independent integration, management and monitoring of your devices in the cockpit

Create, change and monitor screwdriving sequences centrally with the cockpit

Transfer the screwdriving sequences to your controllers

Minimise downtime and maximise operating hours by adjusting maintenance intervals using data analysis

Target groupAdministrators and user

Training program

  • General operation concept
  • System overview
  • Home (Dashboard)
  • Groups / device overview
  • Administration
  • Screwdriving sequences
  • Screwdriving curves
  • Analysis
  • Service
Recommended prior knowledge

There is no prior knowledge required

As a supplement we recommend the corresponding training courses for your DEPRAG products.

Type of trainingFace-to-face training at the DEPRAG Academy (Carl-Schulz-Platz 1, 92224 Amberg)
Duration1 day (9 am - 3 am)
Training dates

Face-to-face training in german language:

  • 13/11/2024 | Wednesday
NoteLaptops are provided for the training


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