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Training DEPRAG Cockpit - Installation and commissioning

Within the seminar "DEPRAG Cockpit - Installation and commissioning" an experienced DEPRAG commissioning expert will support you in installing and commissioning your DEPRAG Cockpit.


Order number775814

Aim of the training

Smooth, quick installation and commissioning of the DEPRAG Cockpit

Target groupProfessional user

Training program

  • Installation and configuration of the DEPRAG Cockpit
  • Customized configuration of the DEPRAG Cockpit
  • Integration possible devices into the DEPRAG cockpit
  • An update of existing DEPRAG units can be carried out
  • Checking the network requirements
Recommended prior knowledge

There is no prior knowledge required

As a supplement we recommend the training "DEPRAG Cockpit - Administration and application" (order no.: 774015).

Type of trainingRemote support or support at your house
Duration1 day (max. 8 hours)
Training datesPossible training dates on request

Necessary on-site requirements:

  • System requirements of IT are present
  • Administrative access to the systems
  • An administrator is available


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