Generate electricity even from small amounts of process gas

Our turbine generator GET, recovers waste-energy – even residual quantities are usable!

So, an energy recovery with this new technology can be applied to many different industry areas:

Energy recovery in smelt furnace plants

In the industry that smelts metals, for example, the melting tanks are cooled by compressed air. The compressed air flows through cooling channels and absorbs heat. Normally, it is then released into the atmosphere without being used. With the new turbine generator, the compressed air, which is actually a waste product, can be reused profitably:
The energy absorbed from the heat can be converted into electricity by the micro expansion turbine and the integrated generator and then fed into the power grid.

Energy recovery in biogas plants

In some large biogas plants residual energy is already being converted, though only in systems with a power range of 200 to 1,500 kW.
The DEPRAG technology now enables energy recovery in smaller plants as

To further increase efficiency of biogas plants methane can be fed into the natural gas network and energy can thereby be stored or transported. A large part of biogas is methane and carbon dioxide. A pre-requisite for the feed-in is therefore that the carbon dioxide is removed from the biogas.
This usually occurs is those processing plants where carbon dioxide is present at the end stage at relatively high pressure and temperature levels. A large amount of the energy contained can be recovered using our GET.

Energy recovery at national gas pipelines

Natural gas is pumped from the producing countries over thousands of kilometres to get to the consumer. To feed it into the regional networks in which low pressure prevails, the pressure must be decreased and the gas expanded. The domestic public services also reduce the gas pressure once more before the natural gas arrives in private households.
The transformation of pressures in the gas lines means that valuable energy
is being lost in the gas grid.

The DEPRAG GET turbine generator converts this energy into electric current, costeffectively and without a large outlay.

The natural gas cools drastically due to expansion in the turbine. Natural gas must usually be preheated if the gas temperature should be above freezing after going through the turbine.

Thermal energy

Heat energy can come from natural deposits (geothermal), industrial processes (e.g. foundries) or from stationary or mobile combustion engines (e.g. thermal power stations, ship motors, HGVs ...). Around 60 % of the energy used in combustion engines is lost through dissipated heat in the radiator and exhaust flow!
In order to make use of this wasted energy the GET turbine generator is clearly worth installing in e.g. ORC systems.

The unused heat energy is converted into electricity and can be used for its own purposes or can be fed into the power network.

                                                                  To summarize:

The small, robust and compact turbine generator can be installed decentralized, where even smaller amounts of residual energy should be converted to electricity. Our recovery system can be used in a variety of applications to convert process gases into electricity or even to utilize unused surplus heat.