Green Energy Turbine – GET... the future


The result of our intensive development was a compact total-system, based on a permanent magnet synchronous induction machine to generate electricity. The innovative DEPRAG turbine generator converts the surplus energy contained in pressure gases into some type of usable energy.

Functional Principle:

Our turbines are turbo machines which can be used single-stage axially or radially.

Gas expands in the jets and undergoes powerful acceleration. Once it meets the turbine blading and is redirected, it yields its kinetic energy.

The axial turbine is distinguished by a high degree of efficiency even outside nominal operating conditions. This enables particularly economic operation even if only partially loaded.

In contrast, the radial turbine can reach an even higher degree of efficiency directly at the design point. The gas in this case is only partially expanded in the jets. The rest of the expansion and redirection takes place in the turbine wheel. The degree of efficiency if operated partially loaded is comparatively less than the axial design.