Green Energy Turbine – GET... the future

Key Note

Our Motivation

Time is pressing.

Global temperatures have been rising unrelentingly for 30 years. Experts expect that 2010 set a new temperature record, since weather patterns were recorded. The continued growth in the number of extreme natural disasters shows this warming tendency clearly. For example the peat fires in Russia, the Pakistan monsoon 'flood of the century' or the torrential rainfalls after many years of drought in Australia, climatologist state that they have seen clear warning signs for a global climate change.

There is a variety of different approaches to fight global warming. The use of renewable energy is one. Another is the recovering of wasted energy, which for long has been released during industrial processes and has never really been used.

This is where our motivation starts!

DEPRAG GET... the small, compact and decentralized energy recovery unit

In many industrial procedures, unused process gas escapes into the atmosphere. Energy recovery from process gases, however, is not a new concept. What is new with our development, is the use of asmall, compact and decentralized energy recovery unit.

This unit can generate small amounts of residual energy from processing gas.

Even small amounts of residual energy be converted by this innovative unit that consists of a turbine and a generator: The DEPRAG GET turbine generator can convert even small amounts of residual energy in the range of 3 to 175 kilowatts into electricity!

YOUR ADVANTAGE: earn money with only a low investment!