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(Press Release, January 2009)

New Air Motor Product Line


DEPRAG has set a new standard on the market by restructuring the brand portfolio


DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH & CO. KG has set a new standard on the market by restructuring the brand portfolio for their successful range of air motors. The company's contemporary website presents a logically structured overview of the popular air motors. The new terms for the air vane motor program: Basic Line, Advanced Line, Power Line and Individual Line highlight the international role of the company as a leading supplier of air motors, automation, screwdriving technology and air tools. DEPRAG is working towards the future with 600 employees in over 50 countries. The company's philosophy has always been to expand on achievements and set the trend for future innovations.

The new layout provides customers with a clear outline of all the important information concerning DEPRAG's various motor lines. The sophisticated visual features optimize navigation through the wide range of uses and clearly explain which air motors are particularly suitable for which applications.

The Basic Line product range includes air vane motors which have proven to be inexpensive, well-received drives for use in normal production environments These motors are constructed from cast iron with the additional advantage of a patented vane exchange feature directly on the motor. This feature saves valuable production time. The Basic Line air motors are available in the power ranges 200W, 400W, 600W and 1.2kW. They are ATEX certified, robust and reliable, have a large torque range and can be operated in both rotational directions (reversible).

DEPRAG's broad selection of stainless steel motors is known as the Advanced Line. They are sealed, oil-free operable, non-corrosive air vane motors. These high quality stainless steel motors are especially suitable for the paper and food industries, for chemical and pharmaceutical industries and also for application in medical technology. The Advanced Line air motors are small in size and therefore appropriate for installation in handheld machines or systems. The extensive power range stretches from 20 W to 1.2 kW, from low speed motors up to high revolution speeds. These motors are also ATEX certified and reversible, there is even the option of an integrated holding brake.

The Power Line range of high-power bracket and flange motors is extremely versatile. Their advantage in comparison to electric motors: High start torque combined with an unparalleled low performance weight, robustness, reliability and a long life-span. The POWER LINE air motors are available in the power range 1.6 to 18kW

Here, the name says it all: The Individual Line offers low cost air motors customized by the specialists at DEPRAG. The standard program is based on a modular principle and is therefore extremely versatile. There are numerous versions available from which individual drive solutions can be developed and manufactured at an attractive price/performance ratio. The DEPRAG engineers develop exclusive drives according to the needs of each application, whether gear design on request (planetary, spur or worm gear), drive spindle flexibility or specific fixture requirements. Also included in this range are motors made from innovative materials such as the non-ferrous ceramic air motor.

DEPRAG has a wide range of air vane motors designed for special applications and available for drilling, milling and grinding. Drill motors in slim design allow narrow borehole spacing in multiple spindle units such as required for window manufacture. The long-life milling robots with superior running precision are first choice for robotic applications, since they are small in size and work powerfully at high speed.

The DEPRAG grinding motor program benefits from decades of experience with the tried and tested DEPRAG handheld pneumatic grinders. The robust steel housing guarantees high accuracy and operational reliability. Furthermore the grinders have extremely precise chucks for various shaft diameters and offer a low run out.

Vane motors with integrated brake equipment from 200W to 3.6kW are found within the range of special applications. The integrated holding brake can be controlled both through a separate control lead and by the motor's supply air. The brakes can be used effectively to hold a large centrifugal mass; the brake effect steps in automatically when pressure drops. The DEPRAG engineers have developed a complete system of air motor, holding brake and gears for use in potentially explosive environments. With this completely new kind of drive system the company has launched an attractive drive-package that fully complies with the ATEX directive 94/9/EC: EX II 2GD c IIC T5 (95°). "We have hereby expanded our role as a leading supplier of air motors," explains Product Manager Dagmar Dübbelde from DEPRAG.

Before incorporation into a machine, gears often require an adaption in revolution speed due to the high speeds of air vane motors. With DEPRAG there is no need to waste time and effort in redesigning work and adaption of interface connections between gears and motor. The product spectrum already consists of a large number of top quality integrated gears at an attractive price/performance ratio. Available in this selection are precise planetary gears for high torque in a small package and also spur gears and worm gears for transfer of very high torque at low speeds.

Besides the vane motors of the Basic Line, Advanced Line, Power Line and Individual Line, there are motors for special application, such as tooth gear motors and turbine motors. These are exceptional drives for individual, drive specific applications.

Product Manager Dagmar Dübbelde is pleased with the modern image and the new positioning associated to the product group: "DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH & CO. KG is undergoing a period of development whereby this enhancing and adjusting of the product spectrum is a direct reflection of customer requirements. The introduction of new product names and the restructuring of the website mirror this innovative process and are the logical steps towards a successful future".

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