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(Press Release, August 2009)

Leading Edge Technology with High Torque Air motors manufactured from superior grade Stainless Steel


Power package with a small diameter achieves a high torque with the lowest rpm

For protection against the elements in historic building refurbishment or for protecting against corrosion in the shipbuilding industry - paint or coatings come into play. According to its own figures, the German paint and coatings industry, which employs about 25,000 people and has revenues of some 6.7 billion Euros annually, produced approximately 2.6 million tons of paint, coatings and ink in 2008. In the industry's roughly 250 paint and print ink factories throughout Germany, production is achieved through the use of robust and cost-efficient components offering a low price-performance ratio. Among these various components, air powered, high torque, stainless steel motors are an excellent solution for blending and mixing applications in this industry.

Paint is mixed from different components. The paint industry uses industrial mixers and agitators that have one thing on common: A space saving motor with ample power to operate mixers and agitators at full production. Where a compact, light but extremely strong drive method is needed, the air-motor is the perfect drive product. If the motor is also made from stainless steel material, the it fits the chemical industry to a T. The renowned air-motor manufacturer, DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. KG, located in Bavaria, sets new standards with innovative high-torque motors made from stainless steel. DEPRAG expanded its ADVANCED LINE series of sealed, stainless steel, oil-free air motors by adding several new “high torque motors" models and has achieved an unparalleled technological advantage.

The ADVANCED LINE series of sealed, stainless steel, oil-free air motors include high-torque models in the 280, 570, and 900 W power range. DEPRAG Product Manager Dagmar Dübbelde states: “With this assortment expansion of our stainless steel motor series, we are able to answer the increased demand for high-toque motors and are now able to offer an extremely wide product line with several attractive solutions". The air-motors of the ADVANCED LINE are especially compact drive solutions for integration into handheld or stationary machinery. These high quality stainless steel motors are especially suitable for the chemical industry, the paper industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical industry and also for application in the food industry.

Slow flowing materials with a high viscosity, like lacquer and other plastics, must be made more liquid to allow industrial processing. Prior to spraying or coating of a surface, an industrial agitator mixes the mass, until the desired fluidity is reached. Powerful high-torque motors drive such agitators. A machine builder favors the pinpoint, fast power transmission of the air-motor. The needed motor power is immediately available. The ADVANCED LINE Motor Model 67-423 has a power-output of 280 Watt at a nominal speed of 7 rpm, a nominal torque of 410 Nm and a start torque of 615 Nm. A powerful 900 Watt high-torque motor already reaches its nominal torque of 400 Nm at a speed of 20 rpm.

The performance of the air motor is almost constant even in high speed ranges. It can therefore be operated optimally within a wide field of changeable loads. The motor performance can be adapted by altering the operational pressure and the speed can be smoothly controlled by throttling the air quantity. A stalling of the motor is virtually impossible. If the motor reaches its stall torque (about double of its nominal torque), then the motor simply stops. After the load is reduced the motor has no problems starting back up again as many times consecutively as required.

There are many advantages to using air motors as a drive. The main benefit is the high performance density. Depending on design it only requires a fifth of the mass of a standard electric motor or a third of the size. This makes the motor especially interesting also for the installation in industrial agitators. The diameter of the DEPRAG high-torque motors made from stainless steel is extremely small at 63-mm for the 280, 570 and 900 Watt versions.

Air motors can be applied in a wide spectrum of fields due to their diverse design versions, simple design, light performance weight, high speed ranges and being explosion proof. Air vane motors operate according to one basic principle. Compressed air, generated by a compressor, induces the motor to rotate. A vane-motor operates as follows: Compressed air is used to set a rotor in motion inside an eccentric cylinder. Vanes, which are located in the rotor slots, are pressed outwards against the cylinder wall by the rising centrifugal force. This leads to the formation of chambers for the expanding air pressure. Through this expansion of the compressed supply air the pressure energy is transformed into kinetic energy and rotation is produced.

The air motor is an unproblematic drive source due to its mode of operation. Overheating is impossible. Due to the air decompression the motor is cool under load. Consequently, the motor is fully usable in an explosion hazardous area. The standard motors of the ADVANCED LINE are ATEX certified.

In the chemical industry, the drives are exposed to aggressive materials. But, due to the robust and sealed design in stainless steel material, the DEPRAG ADVANCED LINE air motors are perfectly suited for the installation in such critical environments. The smooth surfaces are easy to clean and the motors are completely sealed, so there is no chance of leakage or penetration of dirt. Motor spindles are also resistant and come equipped with a durable radial shaft seal-ring.

The air motor can be operated oil free as is required by the chemical- or the food-industry.

DEPRAG stainless steel motors are fitted with planetary gears made from stainless-steel as standard. The stainless steel motor with a power output of 900 Watt has a nominal speed of 6,000 rpm. It can be combined with one of seven different planetary gear sets. That allows the motor to operate a speeds as low as 150 rpm By expanding the product line, we are now offering four new high torque gear sets, further reducing the speed capability to 20 rpm. Product Manager Dagmar Dübbelde: “This wide range of stainless steel motors makes DEPRAG the market leader in this segment. We offer the ideal solution for every performance requirement."

As accessories, we can supply different mounting possibilities, such as designs with a bracket- for foot-mount.

The development and design of high-quality air motors is one of the main areas of expertise of DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. KG. The Bavarian specialist for air motors, automation, screwdriving technology and air tools operates with around 600 employees in over 50 countries. With the new high-torque motors, the full-service provider expands the existing ADVANCED LINE motor family and offers all-round services. DEPRAG not only provides motors for systems, but also developing tailor-made complete drive solutions for individual application needs. Decades of experience enable the DEPRAG engineers to provide valuable support for their clients in the customization of motor design.

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