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(Press Release, October 2009)

An even wider range of motors lowers operating costs


A comprehensive assortment of powerful air motors


DEPRAG, the renowned air motor specialist, has further expanded it market position. Innovative ideas and the decade-long experience have cumulated into the production and development of top quality devices Three new high-power 900 W and 1.2 kW motor models have been added to the manufacturer's range of products. These new motors have expanded the economical BASIC LINE series - air motors with cast iron housing - by two 900 W and 1.2 kW classes and also added a 900 W class to the ADVANCED LINE stainless steel motor series.

The guiding principle of DEPRAG engineers is to use successfully tried and tested methods whilst furthering new technological advances The company fulfills the current requirements for modern drive technology with the development and design of outstanding state-of-the-art air motors. Consequently DEPRAG air motors are the authoritative choice for inexpensive, long-life, safe drive solutions for standard and environmentally critical applications.

Air vane motors offer an interesting alternative for drive and control tasks in various sectors of industry. The air motor is based on a simple principle: Compressed air, generated by a compressor, induces the motor to rotate. Vanes, which are located in the rotor slots, are pressed outwards against the cylinder wall by the rising centrifugal force. Working chambers are formed for the compressed air. As the compressed air expands, the pressure energy subsequently transforms into kinetic energy, thereby producing the rotary motion.

The BASIC LINE air motors of the DEPRAG series 63, have a low-cost drive which has proven its worth in standard application environments. These motors have cast iron housings and a patented vane exchange system. The routine exchange of vanes that create working chambers for the expanding air-pressure, can be carried out with just a few movements. After loosening the cylinder screw and removing the roll the old vanes can be extracted and new ones replaced using tweezers. There is no need to disassemble the motor; vane exchange can be carried out directly on the device. This is a massive benefit in reducing maintenance time, which in turn saves on production time.

The BASIC LINE air vane motors used to only be available in performance classes 200 W, 400 W and 600 W. Now, 900 W motors and even drives with 1.2 kW have been added to the standard program. The motors are ATEX certified, robust and reliable, are available with a wide range of speeds and can be operated in LH/RH (reversible). “Our superbly affordable motors are now available in the high-powered 900 W and 1.2 kW versions", explains Product Manager Dagmar Dübbelde. “We now cover the whole range of market requirements".

Also newly launched onto the market are the 900 W air motors of the ADVANCED LINE made from premium stainless steel. The ADVANCED LINE motors are ideal drives for “critical" environments. The completely sealed, non-corrosive drives impose their power on dusty bulk goods systems and can withstand acids when used in chemical agitators. They are insensitive both to steam when sterilized for the medical industry and to cleaning solvents in the food industry. The motors maintain power whilst submerged . When used in a cleanroom they can be operated oil-free with only a slight loss of power. The ADVANCED LINE drives are equipped with extremely resilient motor spindles and have a particularly long-life radial shaft sealant ring.

The ADVANCED LINE offers a wide variety of motors types, from 20 to 1200 W, from small speeds up to the fastest of motors. It is easy to find the best power source for any application. The modular design principle allows for an excellent price-to-performance ratio. The standard program offers various gearboxes for speed and torque optimization and a diverse selection of output spindles, as well as a choice of mounting adapters. The new range of 900 W air motors bridges the gap between the 600 W and the 1.2 kW drive classes and simplifies finding the right drive for a specific application. These new machines optimize purchase price and operational costs. Why? The more the drive is designed to fit the application, the more efficiently it can work. Ideally air motors should be operated at nominal speed and at the torque specifically required for the application. If the drive is oversized then the purchase price for the air motor will be disproportionately high.

If the air motor is operated far outside the optimum working range e.g. close to idle speed, the less economical it is with regard to air consumption and wear of the vanes.

The air motors of the BASIC LINE and ADVANCED LINE carry the “ATEX" seal of approval and are therefore authorized for the use in potentially explosive environments. Compressed air is a particularly good drive solution for hazardous applications, because it uses no electricity. Because of its operational method, an air-motors is perfectly suited for the use in critical environments. The relaxation of the air cool off any resulting friction heat. So, the motor cools off while under load and an overload and subsequent ignition of gases is impossible.

DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH & CO. KG is presented in more than 50 countries with about 600 employees. With their latest product expansion they have strengthened their hold on the air motor market. The air motor product line is one of the core elements of the machine- and equipment manufacturer headquartered in the Bavarian city of Amberg. Decades of experience enable the DEPRAG engineers to provide valuable support for their clients in the customization of machinery.

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