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(Press Release, August 2011)


Battery operated screw driving with highest accuracy!

Angle-head screwdrivers for assembly in space-limited areas

The more that air hoses and cables are a hindrance during assembly work, the more preference is given to battery-powered EC-screwdrivers for mass-production environments. The increased performance of modern batteries also increases the application field for battery-operated tools. The proven DEPRAG precision screwdriving technology is now also available in cordless design. At this year's MOTEK show in Stuttgart, held from October 10th through 13th, DEPRAG - the screwdriving expert - will present its new battery-operated EC-angle-head screwdriver.

No matter whether screwdrivers are used in assembly of car interiors or travel-trailers, binding air hoses and electric cables hinder the work process in space-limited areas. DEPRAG sales director Jürgen Hierold states: “For those applications, the use of a cordless screwdriver can be tremendously helpful”. For example, on assembly lines where a conveyor is moving, the use of battery-operated screwdriving tools provides major advantages. Sales director Jürgen Hierold recalls: “In the past, battery-driven screwdrivers were not very convincing, mainly because of their short life spans. However, the performance of today's battery-operated screwdrivers can no longer be compared with this old technology.” The DEPRAG engineers decided in favor of the latest generation of Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries for this new screwdriver series. These new batteries have a considerably lower idle-discharge, and the dreaded memory-effect - that occurs as a result of partial charging - is non-existent. It is also important to note that the new batteries can now be fully charged in less than an hour.

The 36V Li-Ion battery that operates these new DEPRAG screwdrivers, offer a high energy- and performance density. R&D-Manager Albin Lanig explains: “The regenerative feedback of the braking-energy for the electric motor, translates into extremely efficient and low-cost energy consumption.” This efficiency and the sensor-controlled multi-level standby-mode permit a high number of screwdriving cycles per battery charge. By using high-grade EC-electric motors that excel through power-density and output-efficiency, the tool has a low weight and a long service life.

The newly developed series fulfils the demands for precision and allows the processing of complex screwdriving cycles that are part of today's conventional torque/angle-controlled screwdriving strategies. The tool can be programmed with eight multi-level screwdriving sequences. The easy and quick selection and initiation of a program is done directly on the tool's display-keypad. An additional selector-switch allows the fast activation of a reversing sequence, which is available for every screwdriving program.

This new cordless angle-head screwdriver series will be introduced to the market with three different models that have a torque range of 2 Nm to 50 Nm [18 - 440 inch pounds]. Due to the high shut-off accuracy, this tool series reaches a Cmk-value of ≥ 1.67 and therefore meets the quality requirements demanded by the automotive industry.

The entire DEPRAG MINIMAT®-EC screwdriver family is well-known by its truly ergonomic design and this new screwdriver series is no exception. The operator comfort is assured through the low weight of the tool and the integrated LED which illuminates the screw-location.

DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. KG offers decades of experience in the development of screwing technology. The process reliability of its screwdrivers is a focal point for DEPRAG developers. In addition to the high shut-off precision, the new cordless angle-head screwdriver series also offers unique functions for both control and connectivity. Using a Bluetooth, wireless data-transmission, the screwdriver can stay in contact with an optionally available base-station. There, a graphic user interface allows the fast and easy generating of screwdriving sequences. Additionally, it is possible to connect the base-station to a host PC that transmits screwdriver settings and can also receive and archive data received from the screwdriver. It is possible to connect several tools to one base-station. As explained by sales director Jürgen Hierold, this feature is the basis for a superior quality management and its documentation. “With the new cordless angle-head screwdriver, DEPRAG is introducing a superior tool for the use with assemblies requiring process-control and where space limitations are a problem. In addition, this new tool series incorporates all the other advantages of the proven MINIMAT-EC-family.”

DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH & Co. KG is the market leader in the areas of screwdriving technology and automation. DEPRAG offers a wide number of solutions for a process-reliable assembly. The machine builder is headquartered in Amberg/Bavaria and has a worldwide presence in more than 50 countries. Please visit DEPRAG at the MOTEK in Stuttgart in Hall 1 (Booth No. 1331).

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