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(Press Release, March 2016)

At the AUTOMATICA 2016: The popular DCAM with advantageous modular design

Clear-cut cost and fast delivery times due to standardised technology

Utilisation of components with communication capabilities

The DCAM (DEPRAG COMPACT ASSEMBLY MODULE) was first launched back when mobile phones were still assembled by hand. If your production was faster and more economical you had the upper hand. The DEPRAG assembly platform for industrial production came onto the market and has since become fully established worldwide. The DEPRAG engineers have been making continuous improvements to the well-known work station over the past 25 years. Any customer purchasing the optimised DCAM receives a standardised assembly platform with the recognised reliability and high functional safety of the customary assembly unit. By virtue of its modular concept the DCAM is available "off the shelf", making purchasing more easily calculable and with a clearly foreseeable delivery time.

"Up to now each DCAM was basically a custom-made product for each client. It would take a long time from initial consultation to design and manufacture and the high labour costs reflected negatively in investment costs and delivery time", explains Sales Manager Jürgen Hierold. The cry for a DCAM at a fixed price with short delivery time was growing louder as budget pressure was increasing. Modularisation was the solution to the problem.

The DCAM is the ideal work station for any application where several processing points must be reached quickly and with precision. It is therefore particularly suitable for screw assembly. The feeding of workpieces to be assembled can either be manual – via a sliding carrier or rotary indexing table or fully automatic using a linear transfer system. As a safety precaution depending on requirements a sliding door or light curtain is available. At the AUTOMATICA trade exhibition in Munich, from 21st to the 24th of June 2016, DEPRAG is demonstrating a typical screwdriving process – fully automatic and reliable.

Equipped with a modern DEPRAG screwdriving function module, including high-quality industrial screwdriver spindles and combined with suitable screw feeding devices, any screwdriving task can be completed to satisfaction using the DCAM. "The modularised assembly platform is particularly qualified as the best system solution for fluctuating production rates, multi-faceted product versions or products with short life-spans. A DCAM incorporates effectivity with the best possible processing reliability. The modular and flexible platform design of this assembly unit in combination with freely programmable X-Y axes can be used for the most varied of assembly tasks", explains Hierold.

The screwdriving process is supported by a user-friendly sequencing controller which the operator controllers via a screen during assembly. Like all other DEPRAG PROCESS UNIT modules, the DPU200 is equipped with DCOS (DEPRAG CONTROLLER SYSTEM) software which is available in various standard packages. This controller technology is available worldwide and contains 199 inputs and outputs. It enables the control of up to three axes as well as various communication modules and a corresponding security concept for all electrical components, thus eliminating any breakdowns in production due to controller errors.

The screwdriving function module built into the assembly unit is designed for optimal processing reliability and can be used with all DEPRAG screwdriving tools. This enables seamless recording of processing data e.g. in combination with an EC screwdriving system. As well as displaying torque and angle values, it can generate status reports concerning screwdriving depth and the screw shots for the subsequent cycle. The integrated web server in the DEPRAG sequencing controller ASTi40 not only allows the monitoring of screwdriving procedures but also the conceivably simple creation and adjustment of screwdriving programs. Torque, angle, speed, waiting time and rotational direction are freely programmable (within the performance range of each screwdriving spindle) and can be adapted to the specific screwdriving task.

The screws needed to assemble the component are reliably and automatically supplied at precise intervals to the screwdriver via a hose which is connected to a communicative screw feeder. The DPU200 is used to effortlessly guide and operate these components. Efficiency and processing reliability in production are therefore guaranteed.

Sale Manager Jürgen Hierold clarifies: "All relevant components come from our own development and production. The complete supply chain is covered by DEPRAG". Even the user-friendly sequencing controller which the operator uses to control the screwdriving process via display monitor originates from these automation engineering experts from Amberg. If a workpiece is assessed as "OK", the status appears on screen on the DPU200 and the screwdriving process is completed successfully.

In addition to reliable assembly, the economic efficiency of the assembly system is also a predominant concern for the client. The machine’s framework is therefore constructed with torsion-resistant angular sheet metal profiles. These powder coated steel frames provide the globally recognised stability and robustness of the platforms. The axes used in the assembly units come from an in-house development: The designers rely on high-quality axis modules made from linear axes with toothed belt drives and on request: a Z-axis with ball screw. It is only in this way that the typical requirements for screwdriving assembly such as torque reaction and mass load can be attained. Furthermore, the base frame constitutes an intelligent grid system – the most ergonomic working height can be set using the handles guaranteeing flexibility.

DEPRAG provides a complete system solution as a one-stop-shop encompassing comprehensive service as well. The established technology works to the customer’s advantage as tried and tested standard components are used. "Of course we also continue to manufacture individual tailor-made DCAM assembly units in accordance with the requirements of our clients. In this case the customer receives a special machine, adapted in detail to their specific requirements and naturally more expensive", adds Sales Manager Jürgen Hierold.

Innovation and constant optimisation of existing product lines such as the popular and successful DCAM have made the full service provider DEPRAG into a sought-after partner for automation technology. DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. KG based in Amberg, Germany has over 600 employees in over 50 countries worldwide. In additional to screwdriving technology, the core competencies of the automation specialists are in feeding and measurement technology and they are renowned for their flexibility and top quality service. The latest product developments are being presented by the machine builder from 21st to the 24th June at the AUTOMATICA in Munich: Hall A6, Stand 312.

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