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(Press Release, October 2016)

Intelligent tooling

DEPRAG CZ + Industry 4.0 = air-operated grinder DIQ

Air-operated grinders with revolutionary technology which continuously tracks the device’s current status 

DEPRAG CZ a.s. opens up unimagined possibilities for your pneumatic tools through their new platform DIQ. The subsidiary of DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. KG is developing swiftly with new innovations and distinguishing itself with the recent design of an Industry 4.0/Smart Factory platform showcasing a brand new type of grinding technology which did not exist previously. Within the brand of DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL these professional air tools are distributed around the globe.

Their revolutionary Industry 4.0/Smart Factory Platform DIQ has been created from a new technology which enables continuous monitoring of the grinders and displays the complexity in production companies. The Technical Director at DEPRAG CZ, Dr. Michal Hubálek, explains: "Our clients often tell us that they are unable to acquire data relating to the operating time of the grinder, the impact of load and the total service outlay etc. Therefore, it is not possible to effectively utilize the machine’s working capacity in relation to the operator. Furthermore, grinders often come into service late which means that costs increase. We decided to do something about this and therefore developed our new DIQ technology!"

Everyday examples
On-board computers, for example in cars, can reliably report on the number of kilometers driven, average or current fuel consumption, journey time since departure or the remaining kilometers until the next service is due. On-board computers can provide the driver with useful and relevant information and also display warning messages. They will display a reminder that the service inspection is due.

The administration of a fleet of company vehicles is more difficult. The person responsible has to visually inspect all cars. When is the next service due on which vehicle? They need to physically gather all information or rely on each driver, or otherwise risk losing the validity of the guarantee. This type of supervision entails a great deal of time and effort.

The DEPRAG air-operated grinders are now equipped with a similar type of "fleet management", including on-board computer. This can fundamentally reduce the costs and complexity involved in regular servicing of the grinders. Just like company cars, regular servicing is essential and strictly regulated. It is clearly worth avoiding lengthy downtimes and the expenditure caused by the malfunction of tools.

Principle: Application – Man and machine
The developments in the course of the 4th industrial revolution Industry 4.0/Smart Factory are now also applicable to the DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL air-operated grinders. Throughout their operation, all data is recorded, continuously analyzed and saved internally. The use of the special IQRF network – working on the frequency bands 868 and 916 MHZ – allows wireless accessibility of all recorded data. Transfer takes place via a gateway in the LAN/internet; data can therefore be saved in the DEPRAG Cloud. The inbuilt system requires no external power, functions autonomously and automatically collects and transfers the data.

Dashboard – for a quick overview of all grinders
An extremely intuitive and user-friendly application has been developed for the operator: the dashboard. This enables the online monitoring of individual tools and the evaluation and analysis of results collected. This provides an overview of all grinders at a glance. The results displayed are based on the traffic light principle: Green – "okay", Orange – "a small problem occurred", Red – "a serious problem has occurred". In reference to the fleet administration manager, it is now possible to view all vehicles and read their statuses via a single platform!

DIQ tool data acquisition
The dashboard can acquire data from all DIQ tools, all employees and the branched company structure. Each tool can be traced back to the exact person who was using it; the details of each tool’s usage are recorded. The dashboard allows easy access to all technical documentation, such as operating instructions, safety regulations and much more.

For each tool a separate registration card is generated. Technical parameters, including power, speed, weight, serial number, date of introduction into operation or total runtime of the tool are recorded. In addition, via the card an overview of all tool users can be displayed. Another important function of the card is a complete overview of all service inspections of the tools including individual repair expenditure.

In another display screen, the current status of the tool in online status can be shown. This displays the tool’s assigned user and information relating to the current tool status (OK, malfunction or similar). The operating time of the tool can also be analyzed: When was a data reading last taken? When did the last service take place? When is the next service due?

One of the main functions of the application is the visualization of the analyzed data. This displays the operational effectiveness of each tool. The actual grinding speed can be measured and compared with the optimum grinding speed. Furthermore, for each tool the average and total hourly air consumption is displayed.

An operating time counter has also been integrated. The intelligent system can assess the consistent operation of the registered tool over four levels: optimal utilization (recommended usage range), light usage (non-recommended usage range), severe overload (usage prohibited – leads to significant shortening of the tool’s lifespan) and non-use of the tool (tool potential is not utilized). In addition, the application tracks the surrounding temperature and battery life.

All tool data can be accessed via the application. If necessary, various tools can be compared with each other – as well as employee’s performance. All data is displayed in a timeline: from single hours up to several months. Reports can be saved in the XLS, PDF or CSV format and can then be used for further processing.

In conclusion, the new DEPRAG DIQ technology allows clear and uncomplicated access to all tool, operator and service data. Thereby optimizing the production process and quickly and simply increasing effectivity.

The medium-sized family business has been a well-renowned specialist for screwdriving technology, automation, air motors and air tools for decades. With innovative solutions and ever-increasing optimization of existing products, DEPRAG has emerged as a leader in its field. The manufacturing company has 600 employees in over 50 countries.


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