Software Solutions for MINIMAT-ED: Digital Electric Screwdriver, stationary

Possible combinations with MINIMAT-ED, the digital electric screwdriver

Which software is suitable for the screwdriving system?


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D3900 DEPRAG Apps

ComCenter ED for MINIMAT-ED digital electric screwdriver, handheld

The ComCenter ED enables user-friendly parameterisation of screwdriving programs using the web interface. The integrated input/output port can now also be used to select MINIMAT-ED screwdriving programs. In addition, an external start release of the screwdriver is available. The main advantage: If this function is activated, the handheld screwdriver can be used in combination with other products or a higher-level PLC. This value-for-money option presents attractive opportunities. One example is combination with a position control stand (PKS). Only when the screwdriver has reached the right position is the correct screwdriving program selected and the start approval given. Furthermore, there is the option of use in applications where sensors are used for supervision, such as in the detection of components, pick-and-place procedures or the use of a toolbox or scanner.

Your advantages:

  • flexible
  • low cost solution
  • for varying tightening parameters
  • upgraded communication


the hardware with integrated software for the handheld, digital electric screwdriver MINIMAT-ED

There are five screwdriving programs (PG1 to PG5) available on the screwdriver for implementing individual screwdriving procedures; the process consists of a search run, torque, and angle screw assembly. There are also five loosening programs available (PG6 to PG10).

Enhanced functionality is always available by activating software OS ADVANCED.

Product Details

the hardware with integrated software for the handheld, digital electric screwdriver MINIMAT-ED

With the software OS ADVANCED the range of functions of the BASIC software and additional an extended range of functions is available:

  • 16 different screwdriving programs can be stored
  • Screwdriving programs can be freely compiled using the following screwdriving templates and commands:

         • assembly to torque
         • extended assembly to torque
         • assembly to angle / loosening to angle
         • DEPRAG friction value process (optional)
         • search run / save values / waiting time

  • Statistics
  • Speed reduction setting
  • Extended end values

Product Details