Sequence Controller AST30-31

Maximum flexibility and process reliability

  • highest precision over the entire torque range
  • torque control/angle monitoring
  • angle control/torque monitoring
  • friction coefficient defined screw joint
  • 32 freely programmable sequences
  • comprehensive analysis functions
  • available communication ports: Ethernet, RS232, PLC-input/output, Profibus
  • can be used in combination with DEPRAG feeders
  • for manual and stationary applications

The AST30-31 sequence controller is the ideal controller to operate stationary and manual assemblies with the proven DEPRAG EC-Servo screwdrivers of the series MINIMAT-EC-Servo, in both inline- and angle-head design.

Operator friendly

The AST30-31 allows the free programming of your screwdriving sequences for stationary or handheld screwdriving tools.
If required, specific screwdriving programs can quickly and easily be set-up using the already existing basic program. Parameters can be input directly using the controller's keypad.

Freely programmable

Use the integrated key pad and display for quick access to the 32 programmable user programs. Individual application profiles can be selected via the program numbers.

Various communication options

Several communication options, especially for stationary use, enable connection via Ethernet, Profibus, PLC input-outputs and RS232.

Storage, documentation and evaluation

The AST30-31 stores the screwdriving results of the last 1400 assemblies and supplies the results whenthey are retrieved.

Additional software modules offer the graphic display of screwdriving graphs, integrated PLC functions, and comprehensive analysis options via a PC. Combination with an automated DEPRAG screw feeder is possible.

A software update service is optionally available.

Extensive line of Accessories

This toolbox increases the AST30-31 application range concerning both manual working stations and in conjunction with PLC controllers. It can be used with up to 7 tools and the selection of the AST30-31's screwdriving programs will be done automatically. LED will show the OK/NOT OK assemblies as well as the readiness of the toolbox and the AST 30.

Highest process reliability is assured by the used of a positioning stand in connection with the AST30-31 controller and a MINIMAT-EC-Servo screwdriver. Besides the evaluation of torque- and angle values, individual screw positions are assigned as well. When connected to the AST30-31, the use of a positioning stand allows the access to defined tightening positions and the connected position-dependent tightening parameter and program selections.

Any assembly process is accelerated when the controller is connected with an automatic DEPRAG feeder.

Which software is suitable for the screwdriving system?

More information in our brochure D3900.

Screwdriving Controller AST30-31

  • Torque range: from 7 Nm - 120 Nm

for handheld applications:

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