DEPRAG Mini Screw Feeder

For mini and micro screws

The DEPRAG Mini Screw Feeder is perfectly suited for feeding very small rotationally symmetrical parts such as micro and mini screws.

By means of a rotating disk, one fastener at a time is brought into a defined position and made available for picking. Picking can be performed via magnet or vacuum.

Our DEPRAG Mini Screw Feeder is suitable for manual workstations as well as fully automatic systems.

Advantages that speak for the use of DEPRAG Mini Screw Feeder

  • in medical technology
  • in the optical industry
  • for the manufacturing of electronic products and components
  • in precision mechanics

  • suitable for stationary and hand-held tools

  • feed disc stops precisely in pick position

  • fast reaction to other screw sizes due to simple feed wheel changeover

  • Standard I/O interface

      • "screw in pick position" signal

      • "start enable screwdriver" signal

      • Signal for screw filling level

  • screw container and feed disc made of stainless steel
  • low wear
  • small dimensions

Additional information about the DEPRAG Mini Screw Feeder

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