Torque Transducer

Transducers, measurement platforms and measurement wrenches

  • highly accurate measurements
  • wide measurement range
  • in-process control with the torque transducer

The selection of a suitable torque transducer is a basic requirement for the adjustment, monitoring and inspection of screwdrivers, and also for the testing of screw joints and screw joint analysis.

Here are several examples for the use of the most suitable measurement device for processing reliability requirements:

Example 1:
An operator always assembles the same type of screw using a DEPRAG pneumatic screwdriver. Through the driver shut-off when the preset torque is reached, the assembly is controlled and assured to be accurate.
In certain intervals, the screwdrivers are cross-checked using torque-transducers and if deviations occur, re-adjustments can be made.
Measurement platforms which are intended for stationary use in a measurement laboratory or on a mobile measurement station are suitable for this test.

Example 2:
In a fully automatic assembly station, the regular testing of stationary screwdrivers is necessary. The DEPRAG torque wrenches in straight and angle-design, allow the mobile use when testing screwdriver-spindles without their removal from an assembly station. The torque-wrenches can also be used for the re-tightening or loosening of already assembled fastener.

Example 3:
Transducers measure the torque directly on the component. When connected to a DEPRAG measuring instrument, this transducers are ideal for torque acquisition and screw joint analysis and are an important component for the optimum quality assurance.

The suitable measuring instruments or our manual torque-transducers can be found in PDF Product Catalog D3022.

For the support of our screwdrivers, we offer a suitable, process reliable parallelogram arm, which is shown in our PDF Product Catalog D3340.

Transducer (DMS, non-contact)

When connected to a DEPRAG measuring instrument, this transducer is ideal for torque acquisition and documentation of all acquired results of screw joints and assembly requirements.

During the actual assembly process, performing torque acquisition and screw-joint analysis is possible. This feature fulfills most or all assembly-process requirements and assures even the highest quality demands.

PDF Product Catalog D 3020   Product Details

Measuring Platforms

The measuring platforms are well suited for the installation into a calibration laboratory, as well as for the construction of a mobile measuring waggon. The robust and sturdy platform design guarantees permanent high measuring accuracies. As an optional accessory, we offer a clamping plate, which allows the temporary fastening of the platform into a vice. For specially high accuracy demands, or for the obtaining of extremely small torque values, we recommend to mount the platform with its polished lower surface to a table top, which has been treated in a similiar fashion.
Because of such an extreme high grade installation, even the smallest measuring-errors, created by lateral force, deflection, vibration, or misalignment, can be completely avoided.
To ensure optimal measurement conditions we offer screwdriver adapters in combination with linear stands or parallelogram arms.

PDF Product Catalog D 3020   Product Details

E-Torque Wrench

The E-torque wrenches allow the testing of screwdriver spindles without their removal from an assembly station. In connection with the corresponding torque measuring instrument, the E-torque wrenches can also be used for the testing of a screw connection already, by either tightening or loosening the connection. The E-torque wrench combines the application variety of conventional torque wrenches with the precision and the possibilities of upto-date electronic torque measurement.

The mechanical torque wrenches (manual indicator design) can be used for simple adjustment or control tasks. To obtain the torque of a screw connection, simply re-tighten the fastener. The use of a mechanical torque wrench allows the fast appraisal of tightening torque values.

PDF Product Catalog D 3020   Product Details

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Product Information: PDF Product Catalog D3020